Bang At HP: Tablet PC And Business Are Gone:


Bang At HP: Tablet PC And Business Are Gone

Bang At HP: Tablet PC And Business Are Gone. HP withdraws from the Smartphone and Tablet business and also reviews the sale of desktop and notebook business. At the same time is bought for US$10 billion, the British company Autonomy.

HP boss Léo Apotheker is planning a radical restructuring of the Group. HP shares as part of the quarterly results release that was under consideration to outsource the entire PC business, either partially or completely or equal to sell altogether. There were various possibilities were being examined for the PC business. HP is no less than the largest PC company in the world, and the PC business is HP’s largest revenue generator – but at the same time, the department raises the least profit.

HP Tablet Touchpad

Next HP has announced that it will withdraw from doing business with smart phones and tablets. The business acquired by Palm WebOS will be dropped, even though HP is on record that the OS will continue to exist (tested to be a licensing or sale of the software) and not only new devices will appear longer. HP has WebOS last year as part of the Palm takeover for US$1.2 billion were spent on purchase, and then put huge resources into the development. The first devices under the HP brand are released only a few months.

In recent weeks, but emerged in reports that will sell the devices WebOS more bad than good. Apparently no one at HP sees opportunities to boost sales this term and take on ecosystems such as the IOS or to Android. For these reasons, Léo Apotheker has now pulled the hand brake early, as he has declared, according to media reports, in a conference call with investors. Tablets have changed the business, but the Touchpad HP’s sales would not meet expectations.

Where the road goes from HP, distinguished himself already with the appointment of former SAP pharmacist boss (picture) to the group’s top management became increasingly apparent and was demonstrated once again yesterday: HP focuses on services and software. Accordingly, it was announced that they wanted to take over the British software company Autonomy and was willing to spend for about 10 billion dollars. Autonomy makes enterprise software specializing, among other enterprise search solutions as well as solutions that analyze unstructured data automatically.

HP is pushing off with the PC business and the increased focus on services and software the same way that IBM has already taken several years ago successfully. However, investors seem not to appreciate the strategy. After the announcement of the plans before the U.S. market close, the HP papers fell by 6% after exchange they should be broken again by 10%.

The quarterly figures from the IT giants, meanwhile, matched analysts’ expectations. Revenues in Q3 increased from US$30.7 billions to US$31.2 billion. The earnings per share increased year on year from US$0.75 to US$0.93. Meanwhile, the revenue forecast for the full year US$129 billions – US$130 billions was reduced to US$127.2 billions to US$127.6 billions. The profit forecast for full year has been adjusted from US$4.27 per share to US$3.59 to US$3.70 per share.

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