Shareholders of Motorola Adoubement Google:


Shareholders of Motorola Adoubement Google

Shareholders of Motorola Adoubement Google. The message is clear on the part of the shareholders of Motorola Mobility. The approximation has attracted a large membership. Because 99% of the voters who had invested in the telecom equipment manufacturer to give the green light (representing 74% of the capital).

They allow the Internet Group to continue the reconciliation process. On 15 August, Google had announced this larger operation of external growth: the redemption of Motorola Mobility for US $ 12.5 billion.

An offensive for the defence of Android, pointed at the time. Google was also motivated pure take Motorola Mobility patent portfolio.

According to Reuters, the shareholders who voted represent 74% of capital available in circulation. But antitrust authorities have yet to give their opinion.

If common ground was found with the still recalcitrant shareholders, the acquisition is covered by a second review on the part of the U.S. Department of Justice.

Details are requested and could slow down the transaction. Google considers however that the agreement should be endorsed early 2012.

A way to give a certain basis for its OS mobile Android for which the firm of Mountain View has not hesitated to propose US $ 40 by Motorola action (i.e. more than 60% more than the courses of action at the time of the announcement of the assault).

Quoted in the press release, Sanjay Jha, Motorola Mobility P – DG, said: “We look forward to working with Google to deliver the added value that this consolidation will bring to our shareholders and the new opportunities it bodes for our dedicated employees, our customers and our partners.

Words who want to be reassuring for all parties. But what about the future of the employees of Motorola Mobility?

In may, Motorola Mobility had accepted tax breaks of 100 million over a period of 10 years. In return, the telecoms firm is committed to maintain its headquarters, and 3000 jobs in Libertyville.

These tax incentives are retained until 2500 jobs are maintained in the State of Illinois. Wages for employees of Motorola Mobility that could be beaten in the face following the acquisition of Google.

Already, the presentation last quarterly results mixed society, signs showed a little agitation in the management of human resources.

A document filed with the SEC indicated that Motorola has delete 800 positions (a drop compared to the workforce overall 19 000 employees might say).

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