The Dark Knight Rises: Some Revelations About The Scenario:


The Dark Knight Rises: Some Revelations About The Scenario

The Dark Knight Rises: Some Revelations About The Scenario. Director Christopher Nolan has never been mystery will carefully keep the plot of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises under seal. This is his last film for the franchise, and he has put in a way or another a final point in the history of the winged wish, it has hitherto jealously guarded secrecy every detail of his scenario.

The Dark Knight Rises: Some Revelations About The Scenario

Even the actors were not aware of the end of the film while they were the turn. Gary Oldman, who interprets for the last time the Commissioner Gordon, revealed in September that he was the only actor of the film to have laid eyes on the entirety of his script to his knowledge.

But for the Magazine Empire, Christopher Nolan has kindly give two or three pipes on Dark Knight Rises. “In The Dark Knight, we had let Batman in a precarious situation.” The surprise, perhaps, for some, the ourselves eight years later. It is an older Bruce Wayne. “It is not in very good condition”.

About the character of Bane, the main enemy of Batman in this movie, the Director has been explicit, describing a “huge guy”, with a style of boucher. It is not to fight, he said, he comes to carnage. This is promising.

The creator of costumes Lindy Hemming gave to its share of other clues as to the characteristics of Bane, including why he wears a mask: “He was injured early in the story, he suffers constantly and need to breathe a product to survive“.

The Dark Knight Rises staged Christian Bale in the title role, and Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman, Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard and Josh Pence. The film will be released in France July 25, 2012.

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