Twilight Saga is The Slurry of The Penguins:


Twilight Saga is The Slurry of The Penguins

Twilight Saga is The Slurry of The Penguins. The new episode of the Twilight Saga has made wonders at the American box office this weekend. Twilight – Chapter 4: part 1 Revelation hit hard during its first U.S. weekend first estimates from Boxofficemojo. With US $ 139.5 million, the episode approaching Twilight record – Chapter 2: Temptation who carried US $ 142.7 million in the same period. The budget US $ 110 million are already deleted, as the film has already reported 144 million from the territory.

So, Summit Entertainment is rubs hands, until the apotheosis which should logically bring back at least as much money. Edward Cullen and his friends were in any case totally stifled competition, including the other gross exit of the week, Happy Feet 2. The penguins of George Miller are roasting by vampires and only report that US $ 22 million in opening. As a comparison, the previous episode had reported almost double (US $ 41.5 million) and this without the bonus reported by 3D sessions. Lack of renewal, too much time has elapsed (5 years) since the first Happy Feet? These US $ 22 million for a budget of US $ 135 million announced in any case a good oven.

Side old outputs, everyone is moving towards the exit. After a first weekend well shy, the immortals falling 62%, and cumulated US $ 52.9 million for an official budget of US $ 75 million (but other sources, less official, suggest rather a budget of US $ 120 million). A failure, whatever – obviously, the real men were not to the appointment. Bides confirmed also for the transformist comedy of Adam Sandler, Jack & Jill, which is in US $ 41 million in 2 weeks for a budget of US $ 79 million, or for the case of Central Park, just to pass the bar of the US $ 53 million in 3 weeks for US $ 75 million. The Eastwood-DiCaprio duo is not day nor:-47.4% in the second week, US $ 20.7 million (US $ 35 million budget) for J.Edgar. After the triumph of Gran Torino, therefore the third disappointment on Eastwood after weak US scores Invictus and beyond.

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