Microsoft Develop Orangutan And Wildlife Sanctuaries In Indonesia:


Microsoft Develop Orangutan And Wildlife Sanctuaries In Indonesia

Working closely with the families of Yogyakarta Sultanate, Microsoft is building new orangutan sanctuary in Yogyakarta. This program is under Microsoft’s partnership with the Family Yogyakarta Sultanate and the students Orangutan Outreach, as part of DeforestAction project run by Partners in Learning Microsoft and TakingITGlobal.


Sultan Hamengkubowono X and Greg Butler, Director of Worldwide Education Strategy, Microsoft Education Strategy & Marketing, on March 4, 2011, officially to the commencement of construction ceremony Orangudome, name of the building. Orangutan Sanctuary is 120 m in diameter and height of 70 m was designed by Dr. Willie Smits, a forestry and conservation, and animal rights activist. The main attraction of this sanctuary is a giant artificial trees made of concrete and steel, called Dome Tree, which is expected as the “tree of life” the biggest in the world. In it there is a space for research purposes.

“This new facility will provide a more enriching environment, stimulate and satisfy these intelligent primates, compared to other places of asylum. Orangudome not only be a place where orangutans can live freely, comfortable and protected, but also can be educational facilities and research for scientists” said Sultan Hamengkubuwono X in a press release. “Asylum is going to trace the original habitat of the orangutan and equipped with sophisticated technology to learn more about orangutans further.”

In addition to being a transit point for illegal before being returned to the orangutan rehabilitation center in Borneo or Sumatra, Orangudome also will be home a safe sanctuary for orangutans that can be returned to the wild. The main components of Orangudome program is to establish links with the guardians of the zoo and zoos around the world, and help them gain a deeper knowledge about endangered animals through the hundreds of orangutans in Yogyakarta, and learn how to help orangutans well at the facility their residence.

“We share the concern that is currently discussed by many of the world’s two biggest challenges: education and the environment” said Greg Butler, Director of Worldwide Education Strategy, Microsoft Education Strategy & Marketing.

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