9/11 Ten Years After: As New York Overcomes The Trauma Of Terror:


9/11 Ten Years After: As New York Overcomes The Trauma Of Terror

9/11 Ten Years After: As New York Overcomes The Trauma Of Terror. The tenth year anniversary of America’s dark days, yet still mourn the victims’ families and survivors of the 11th September. Are the attacks in New York City have changed? The spirit of 9/11 is only difficult to track down. First of all, the way is going through a gate in the high security fence, then passing a massive shell which concrete and steel pillars obscure the summer sky.

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A banner warns: “Never forget.” Next of boards and footbridges, at mines along which oil Shimmers. Finally, by a grove of hundreds of little tree. The sky breaks through.

It is a noisy maze that leads to the place of silence. In the middle of the construction site crash of ground zero is the 9/11 Memorial, the new Memorial of the city and the nation: two gaping holes, the footprints of the twin towers, in which now the largest artificial waterfalls of North America’s overthrow. Their steady, silent noise hides the rest of the world, such as a flood from a thousand tears. Only at the moment they return suddenly, the perceptions of that day. The sweet pungent smell. The scratching in the eyes and neck. The grey dust on the flower boxes. The nightmares for weeks. And the stabbing pain at the sight of the search poster with the photos of the missing persons and their last coordinates: 99. floor, 105. stock, “Windows on the World“.

But above all this hole in the stomach: the damp idea that henceforth no longer would be as before. The spirit of 9/11.

No more as before – and yet everything again is ten years later in New York in fact. New Yorkers are back investors in their rut, have gained it compliant to the new world with typical callousness and evaporate her 9/11 trauma to rituals.

The crude cowboy and the cold pragmatist
On Sunday they will remember the victims at the falls, with names that have been immortalized in the parapets of memorials. The President of once and now, George W. Bush and Barack Obama, are the delegations lead – incarnate parentheses around an era, before and after: the crude cowboy and the cool pragmatists.

The staged feel aufwallungen of the centenary, in politics, culture, such as media, fool away in that New York has largely left the 9/11 terror behind. “It feels”, writes Richard Stengel, the managing editor of US weekly magazine “Time”, laid in Manhattan “as we would have met us in a kind of balance.”

Never forget? Away from the memorials, the spirit of 9/11 is nowhere more to find.

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