A Bank Teller Always Go To Her Office Using Ferrari:


A Bank Teller Always Go To Her Office Using Ferrari

Melinda Dee

Suspect cases of alleged burglary fund Citibank customers, Melinda Dee is known hobby of collecting luxury cars. Red Ferrari car touted as her favorite car. One of the Citibank employees who do not want to be named, said Melinda always to the office with her red Ferrari, both the Ferrari F430 Scuderia series and serial Ferrari California with license number B 125 DEE.

“Yes, to the office every day Melinda always use a red Ferrari. Sometimes also used Jaguar, but police confiscated it baseball” the man said after attending a press conference at Police Headquarters Criminal Investigation.

If police suspect a red Ferrari Melinda pride is the result of banking crimes, the legal counsel Melinda, Halapancas Simanjuntak, dismiss it. According to him, one of the Ferrari was bought from the result of hard work, assisted by Melinda Melinda’s husband, Agus Ali.

“Melinda’s husband has a car showroom. Our clients have gone up to Ferrari too long ago, used also for everyday life” said Halapancas.

Including police seized on March 31 last from her apartment at Pacific Place and The Capital Residences, South Jakarta. Luxury cars because of alleged police secured the purchase of the embezzlement of funds allegedly committed Melinda. This afternoon, two red Ferrari and a Mercedes Benz car white seizure of goods brought into the house in North Jakarta.

Police have seized some property assets Melinda Dee, a suspect case of embezzlement a Citibank customer worth nearly IDR 20 billion. Among the confiscated property assets Melinda have three luxury cars, two cars and one car manifold Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz type E 350. Police seized a white Hummer car police numbered B 18 DIK. After that, police also seized a Ferrari F430 Scuderia red series and Mercedes Benz E 350, as well as Ferrari California series. Ferrari recently, in 2010 estimated at more than IDR 6 billion.

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