Al-Qaeda Using The Chaos Of Weapons Procurement:


Al-Qaeda Using The Chaos Of Weapons Procurement

Al-Qaeda in Libya

Situation In Libya Unclear, A Fact To Exploit The Al-Qaeda Fighters. ©AFP

Al-Qaeda fighters were among the rebels, but the terrorist group may have another goal: to use chaos in the desert war in order to obtain high-quality weapons. London offers the rebel radio.

The Al-Qaeda used according to reports from Algerian security sources, the chaos in Libya to obtain weapons of high quality. Among the stolen weapons were also anti-aircraft SAM-7 missiles that can be fired from the shoulder out, said a security official in Algeria, in particular, declined to be identified, told Reuters on Monday. A few days after a convoy of eight trucks light from eastern Libya through Chad and Niger, northern Mali was gone. “We know that this is not the first convoy,” said the official.

The pick-up had taken other anti-tank grenades, heavy machine guns, assault rifles, explosives and ammunition, he said. Let it be known that the Islamists were in possession of antiaircraft missiles. Derived in part produced in Russia’s arms from Libya, where several military barracks and armories were looted.

It is inconceivable that representatives of al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), the North African branch of the terrorist group of Osama bin Laden, “Do not take that chance” spot. The group enjoys excellent links with local dealers. This crossed the border at South Libya. “Probably going to get the AQMI to obtain weapons.”

Algeria has been fighting for nearly two decades against radical Islamists who profess in recent years with al-Qaeda. Security forces in the country also monitor the activities of radical Muslims outside Algeria.

Britain is the source of Libya rebel communications equipment to help in the fight against the forces of Muammar Gaddafi. London responds to a request by the rebel leaders, Foreign Minister, William Hague, said yesterday in Parliament. The government was willing to “provide nonlethal equipment to use.”

This was to protect the lives of civilians and the delivery will be supported by humanitarian relief supplies, said Minister of Foreign Affairs. How the United States, London has also indicated that it could supply the rebels under certain conditions, despite an arms embargo against Libya.

According to The Hague, the United Nations and the European Union may be the lifting of sanctions against the Qaddafi regime members to consider if the authorities do not. The EU will begin this week with discussions about the fall of the restrictions against former foreign minister of Libya Kussa Mussa said in The Hague. The members of the immediate environment of Gaddafi, but does not provide immunity for crimes committed.

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