American Airlines Are Major Contract To Airbus:


American Airlines Are Major Contract To Airbus

Airbus build 260 machines for the American Airlines. The US rival, Boeing receives only a small part of the job. Airbus sees this as a breakthrough in the US market.

American Airlines Are Major Contract To Airbus

In the constant competition between Airbus and Boeing, the European aircraft manufacturer can book a success in itself. Precisely, the US airline American Airlines most awarded an order to the Europeans. The parent company AMR ordered 200 machines of type 737, Airbus 260 machines of the type A320 and the US competitor Boeing was announced by the company. AMR together spoke of “the largest order of in aviation history“.

With the order, the European Airbus group breaks the previous monopoly of the US competitor of American Airlines. According to media reports, Airbus of the airline offers a particularly favourable financing of business through a lease agreement. Financing from their own pockets will American airlines currently difficult: in the last quarter, the company made a net loss of US$286 million.

Company to create fuel sparendste fleet
260 Aircraft are not only good news for us,” said Airbus CEO Tom Enders. It is also good news “in particular for the environment“. 130 of the 260 Airbus to be particularly fuel-saving models of the type “Neo“. American Airlines wants to claims “within five years the youngest and gas efficient fleet” under the US competitors, company Chief Executive Gerard Arpey said. This drastically lower the fuel and operating costs and thus increase the financial flexibility.

According to list prices, the order would be worth US$40 billion for such a large orders, but considerable discounts are common. The parent company AMR made no information for the price.

The fleet of American Airlines extends to more than 900 aircraft, of which many in the years have come. The company flies still no longer produced Boeing MD-80, which are 20 years old on average. American Airlines has already started the modernization and continued doing so far on Boeing.

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