Anti-American Demonstrations: 17 Dead in Pakistan:


Anti-American Demonstrations: 17 Dead in Pakistan

Against the Islamophobic “Innocence of Muslims” and the cartoons of Mohammed published by Charlie Hebdo made 17 dead and hundreds of wounded on Friday in Pakistan demonstrations.

In several countries of the Muslim world, where anger against the West barely fade as a result of what is perceived as an insult to Islam, religious authorities have called the faithful to show their anger in the streets. This is the case in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, the Lebanon, Malaysia and Indonesia.

If in the majority of countries all seem be held peacefully, clashes between police and demonstrators are to 19 the number of deaths recorded in Pakistan since the beginning of the protests against the film, last week.

Two cinemas in Peshawar and three others in Karachi have also been burned and ransacked by angry protesters.

Friday has been declared a festive and dubbed “Day of love of the Prophet Mohammed” by the Pakistani Government, which has called on citizens to demonstrate peacefully in vilifying the insults against the Prophet.

In Bangladesh, thousands of people also took to the streets of the capital of Dhaka, to demonstrate against the United States and the France. Rallies also held in Indonesia, before the headquarters of companies American and French. Muslims have also invaded the streets in India and Malaysia.

Charlie Hebdo cartoon

Call for murder of the movie performers
To Lebanon, thousands of people took to the streets of the city of Baalbeck to demonstrate against the United States and Israel to the call of the Shiite movement Hezbollah.

In a mosque in Sidon, to the South of the country, imam Sheikh Maher Hammoud demanded a fatwa authorizing the killing of all those who participated in the film by an American.

‘All those who dared to undermine Islam and Muhammad may not stay alive.’ […] “Each one must be killed,” said the imam at the Friday prayer attended by some 300 faithful.

Protest in Tunisia
In Tunisia, the Government banned all demonstrations in the country Friday. The leader of the party in power, the Rached Ghannouchi, said that he intended to be tougher toward the jihadi Salafists, who would be behind the attack on the American Embassy and the rampage of an American school in Tunis, on September 14.

Mr. Ghannouchi fears that the publication by the weekly Charlie Hebdo of Muhammad cartoon put fire to the powder and causes of violence against representations of the France in the country.

The clashes that followed the publication of excerpts from the film have already been 47 deaths worldwide over the past two weeks. These deaths include US Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, killed during an attack on the Consulate in Benghazi last Tuesday.

The United States and the France have reinforced security around diplomatic representations and announced that their embassies and other institutions would be closed in some countries due to fears of violence.

The French Muslim authorities calm down the game
In France, where the publication of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in the pages of the magazine Charlie Hebdo creates tension, the French Council of the Muslim faith (CFCM) has appealed for calm.

Asking France Muslims to ‘take the high’, the president of the CFCM, Mohammed Moussaoui, has urged imams and the French Muslim community to confront “this irresponsible act” with restraint.

“It is not manifest on the streets that is the solution”, said Mr. Moussaoui on the airwaves of Radio France International.

The president of the CFCM indeed favors the path of the courts and the opening.

According to him, French Muslims must “multiply all the initiatives that allow to know the message of the Prophet of Islam […], to put an end to these provocations.”

Mohammed Moussaoui said that the CFCM was also considering the possibility of complaining to the European and French justice against Charlie Hebdo magazine for “deliberate intention to offend Muslims.

Forbidden Paris events
The French Government for its part, adopted hard line by banning Friday gathering on this topic or event.

“No derogation, no exceptions will be tolerated, The criterion is of course the disturbing public order. The country needs gathering and healing around the values of the Republic and secularism”, warned the French Minister of the Interior, Manuel Valls.

A demonstration scheduled for Saturday before the great mosque of Paris was already banned by the police. The premises of Charlie Hebdo, on the other hand, are always under high police surveillance.

“There is no place in France to tackle buildings public, national or friendly countries that have nothing to do with the broadcast of a film poor or with cartoons of a weekly who freely made this choice and must also assume its responsibilities,” said the Minister of the Interior.

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