Anti-islam Film: Protests Continue:


Anti-islam Film: Protests Continue

The situation remains precarious in many Arab countries and Westerners, while protests against the film American Islamophobic Innocence of Muslim, do not seem to subside.

The publication of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, Wednesday, by the magazine Charlie Hebdo, has also put the Government on high alert. Mr Ayrault recalled that those who feel struck by the drawings can turn to justice, while reiterating the commitment of the France for freedom of expression and secularism.

The Prime Minister Jean-Marc Al-Shehri announced that a demonstration against the film planned for Paris Wednesday will be prohibited. He said want to avoid that the explosive situation in several countries contaminated the France.

Protests against the film were also urged United States to close their consulate in Medan, Indonesia, for an indefinite period. For three days, protesters gather at the Consulate to ask the United States to punish the Director of the film. A rally also escalated the previous day, in which 11 persons were injured.

In addition, the Embassy of France in Indonesia also announced that all French institutions in the country, including embassies, consulates and schools, will be closed Wednesday, due to the publication of the cartoons by Charlie Hebdo.

In Afghanistan, hundreds of students took the streets of assault in Jalalabad, in the East of the country, to protest against the film. The demonstrators chanted slogans calling for the death of America. However, the gathering unfolded peacefully.

Tuesday, suicide bombing killed 12 in Kabul, including 9 foreigners. The end of last week, the Taliban have led an attack on American soldiers based in Afghanistan, then claiming to have acted in revenge after the film. Two Americans were killed.

Hundreds of Pakistani lawyers also demonstrated Wednesday against the Islamophobic film, returning strength in the area of the American Embassy and several other diplomatic representations in the capital Islamabad.

The demonstrators chanted anti-American slogans, demanded the expulsion of the Ambassador and burned a flag before dispersing peacefully.

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