Anwar al Awlaki Dead By Air Raid in Yemen:


Anwar al Awlaki Dead By Air Raid in Yemen

Anwar al Awlaki Dead By Air Raid in Yemen. The U.S. government reports Anwar al-Awlaki as particularly hazardous, Yemen authorities now announces the death of hate preacher. Awlaki is brought, among others, the failed assassination attempt on a plane in Detroit in 2009 in conjunction.

Anwar al Awlaki Dead

The hate preachers Anwar al-Awlaki reported have been killed in Yemen. That the Defense Department said in Sana’a. The terrorist was reportedly killed along with several supporters during an air raid. Two vehicles were bombed, tribal leaders told the news channel al-Arabiya.

The United States Government, according to a report of New York Times, has confirmed the death of Awlakis. It is still unclear whether Yemeni troops or US special forces have killed the 40-old-years, reported the newspaper, citing a high ranking government officials in Washington.

Official, independent confirmation not there yet. However, the Associated Press News Agency quoted a not named US officials saying that American intelligence information on Awlakis death.

According to the radical preacher, Christmas is wanted in connection with the foiled and planned in the Yemen attack on an airliner 2009 in the US city of Detroit. In November of last year, he had called Muslims to kill American citizens. Also Awlaki should have stood hood in contact with the gunman by Fort, 2009 had killed end 12 soldiers and a civilian at the Texas military base.

Awlaki was born in the United States and is close to the al-Qaeda terrorist group. A newspaper report that the United States had tried to kill the wanted terrorist in May 2011 with a drone attack in the Yemen. The United States lead the Yemenis on a list, after which he “dead or alive” is to be taken. After the death of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, he was only the one of the possible “heirs” of terrorist leaders.

Al Qaeda in the Yemen is to have about 300 members. You accused, inter alia, to have instigated Muslims in the United States to attacks. The United States keep the group in the Yemen for the world’s most active cell of Al Qaeda.

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