Bin Laden Is The Crucial Test:


Bin Laden Is The Crucial Test

In a joint fight against Al Qaeda and Pakistan, the U.S. could agree. This money could now U.S. research in the circles of Osama bin Laden’s supporters stress.

Osama bin Laden

Among U.S. and Pakistan dispute could result in possible support of the tray of dead Al-Qaeda, Osama Laden by U.S. allies. It is inconceivable that Bin Laden has not been systematically supported, says the principal adviser for combating terrorism by the U.S. president, Barack Obama, John Brennan, on Monday.

U.S. Now, therefore, to examine how Bin Laden was possible so long to live in a place in Pakistan. He declined to speculate on whether the official support of Bin Laden Pakistan could have given.

Brennan added that the relationship between the two countries is extremely important to the success of the fight against al-Qaeda. However, there were different views between the two, must be fought and against the militants. In view of the fact that Bin Laden in an affluent area near the Pakistani capital Islamabad have been living, it is also understandable that U.S. politicians raise the question of U.S. assistance the Pakistani government.

In London, meanwhile, said Pakistan’s High Commissioner to Britain, Wadschid Schamsul Hasan, his country and the U.S. are used to kill bin Laden carried out jointly. This shows that the intelligence agencies of both countries cooperate.

Brennan, according to those involved in the use of elite U.S. soldiers were willing to take the leader of Al Qaeda alive – if this had been possible. The request was also one of Bin Laden’s wives had been killed. His body is to be used as a shield. It was unclear if she was caught in the crossfire or whether bin Laden or his son had been abused as a shield.

The U.S. government, moreover, has not decided whether to photos of bin Laden’s body, will the media.

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