Chaos Computer Club Distrusts OpenLeaks:


Chaos Computer Club Distrusts OpenLeaks

Chaos Computer Club Distrusts OpenLeaks. OpenLeaks founder Domscheit Berg wanted, that the CCC tests the security of its platform. But the Club refuses and is abused.

Chaos Computer Club Distrusts OpenLeaks

Wikileaks in German and actually sure – this should be OpenLeaks, the new project of Daniel Domscheit-Berg, which he announced directly after loud Whistleblower plattform Wikileaks. But until it was thorough in the water long when, then fell the start and now criticize the project even hackers and express doubt in the implementation and of the security.

OpenLeaks offers a platform in collaboration with media and non-governmental organisations, to spread anonymously secret information without that called-, discovered the informant – in the English whistleblower. Five partners have found for the start: the German newspaper Die Tageszeitung and The Friday, the Danish Dagbladet information, the Portuguese weekly Expresso, and the better Business Bureau Foodwatch.

Domscheit Berg had planned to test the security of OpenLeaks with the hacker camp of chaos computer Club (CCC), which is currently held in Finowfurt near Berlin. But he had apparently forgotten to ask whether they also desire to the hacker.

“The CCC is not technical inspections”
After Domscheit Berg’s call at the chaos communication camp 2011, to hack OpenLeaks was criticism quickly. “We are on the Board of the CCC at all not happy about that Domscheit Berg has created the impression, OpenLeaks will be tested by our people and so with a kind of CCC label provided,” for example, CCC Board Member Andy Mueller-Maguhn said the the mirror. “The CCC is no TÜV.” We can not monopolize us. “It was outrageous.”

But the criticism is directed not only against the attempt to take advantage of the chaos camp for their own PR. The entire procedure of Domscheit Berg, which is the main character in OpenLeaks, encounters reluctance and misunderstanding. For example the fact that he had not previously researched, whether the infrastructure of the camp at all sufficient to start its service. The server of OpenLeaks should be set up at the camp and started, but then they soffen in the rain and the start was delayed by almost two days.

Also that he not want to expose the structure of its security measures, many hackers are. Frank Rieger “A qualified security test looks different“, says one of the spokespersons of the CCC. “This one presents the specifications of the system.” Constanze Kurz, also speaker of the Club, looks similar to this. Secrecy would provide no security, secure systems need transparency.

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