E.Coli/EHEC Crisis: EU Approves Millions Payments For Farmers:


E.Coli/EHEC Crisis: EU Approves Millions Payments For Farmers

E.Coli/EHEC Crisis

Europe’s farmers receive €210 million compensation from EU pots of E.Coli/EHEC crisis. This was announced by the EU Commission in Brussels on Tuesday. Most hoped for by the Brussels authority remained out but also after hours of discussion. Representatives of the 27 EU countries had sat to finally decide on the amount of the payments.

The EU Commission had originally proposed payments total €150 million. Many countries criticized the sum as too low, so that the Commission increased the aid. Due to the disease, sales of fresh vegetables was broken across Europe in recent weeks.

While Germany and the Netherlands voted on Tuesday for the €210 million, many countries called for more money, reports from EU circles. Votes against came from Spain, France and Poland. There were abstentions from Italy, Greece and Austria.

Because no qualified majority came into being, the Commission brought out its proposal practically on his own. That she could because the EU countries had agreed with the Commission in the run-up to a special procedure. The aim of proceedings is that the money arrives as quickly as possible for the farmers. “I wanted to show absolutely that Europe if necessary quickly to respond“, EU Agriculture Commissioner Dacian Ciolos said after the meeting.

Condition for the selected procedure was that the EU Agriculture Ministers consider the EHEC crisis as particularly urgent. And they had done a Luxembourg at their special meeting last week. In the coming days, the regulation in the official journal to appear and to come into force.

All European farmers who have suffered losses when trading with cucumbers, tomatoes, salad, peppers and Zucchini are entitled to aid. You should be partly compensated for their losses from end of May to June of end of.

The farmers get back up to 50 percent of what they had earned in a good year in the month of June. 210 Million euro for insufficient, each farmer receives an each time smaller share, the spokesman said. According to the Commission’s first proposal, 30 percent would have maximum allowed farmers.

Farmers were organized in production communities, can come on up to 70 percent compensation. Throughout Europe one-third of the farmers in communities is organized – in the cut as well as in Germany and Spain. In Belgium and the Netherlands, however, almost all farmers belong to them in Eastern Europe which hardly.

As a basis for the calculation of the compensation, prices are valid for the month of June of the years 2007 to 2010. The average price of cucumbers was at 48 cents per kilo according to speaker during this period. Thus the farmers so would be entitled to up to 24 cents per kilo, which was taken in the course of EHEC crisis in the market.

By 22 July, EU countries must inform the Commission how much the failures of the farmers were actually. Only then can the aid are calculated, and money. The money will come from the EU agriculture budget.

Federal Economic Minister Ilse Aigner (CSU) will implement the aid quickly. Aigner said the money should reach quickly and unbureaucratically the German vegetable growers, who have high revenue losses as a result of the epidemic of EHEC, during a visit to a vegetable farm in Reinbek near Hamburg.

Association representatives the vegetable but stressed the announced payments by the EU are insufficient and demanded re-negotiation of the Federal Government or additional federal funds. To these requests, Aigner was a unspecified.

The President of the German Zentralverband horticulture, Heinz Herker, estimated the current revenues of the local market gardeners since the beginning of the epidemic of E.Coli/EHEC to approximately €60 million. Without repaired financial assistance, many companies not can survive, because the money for necessary investment is not sufficient, stressed Herker and Gerhard Schulz of the Federal Committee for fruit and vegetables.

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