E.Coli/EHEC Crisis: What Consumers Should Do?:


E.Coli/EHEC Crisis: What Consumers Should Do?

E.Coli/EHEC Crisis

Consumers should continue to miss out on home-grown sprouts and seedlings. The seed for this could be contaminated with the dangerous intestinal germ E.Coli/EHEC, such as the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) said. In a family from Lower Saxony is a suspicion that home-grown sprouts are cause of EHEC disease. Meanwhile, experts warn against further outbreaks of E.Coli/EHEC. According to WHO so far 34 people died in Germany in connection with E.Coli/EHEC or the hemolytic-uremic syndrome.

The number of new cases of E.Coli/EHEC takes according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) from. For several days, sent “a much lower level” cases, said the authority on Monday. Until Sunday, the Institute registered a total of 3228 diseases.

Of these, 781 people suffered the most severe form HUS, haemolytic-uremic syndrome. 69 percent of them are women. In HUS can occur including kidney failure and neurological damage. 35 patients died, according to the RKI far from the consequences of infection with the intestinal organism.

Whether the decline is due to a change in eating habits of the population or to a drying up of sources of infection, the authority, according to yet be determined with certainty.

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