Fitch Confirms Top Credit Rating of The United States:


Fitch Confirms Top Credit Rating of The United States

Fitch Confirms Top Credit Rating of The United States. After standard & poor’s has downgraded the US credit ratings, investors nervously look at the reaction of the other agencies. Only when several outside the United States the top note, it is dangerous. Fitch reports now.

Credit Rating of The United States

The rating agency Fitch confirmed the top rating of AAA, the United States despite their turbulent fiscal policy for their creditworthiness. Also the credit Outlook of the world’s largest economy is stable, Fitch stated on Tuesday in New York City. Only one and a half weeks ago, had rating S & P downgraded the United States and thus raised a worldwide stock market tremor. Fitch, however, stated that the economic basis for the high credit standing of the country was intact.

The United States played a key role in the global financial system further and were based on a flexible and broad-based economy, the Fitch experts justified their judgment. Also improved monetary policy and current exchange rates the ability of the U.S. economy, to absorb economic shocks. At the same time, Fitch, but warned of further credit Outlook depends on the development of the U.S. economy and the budget policy.

On early August Congress had agreed only after weeks of wrangling to an increase in the statutory debt limit and thus averted a State failure of the country at the last minute. Other S & P also the third major rating agency of Moody’s had signaled that the United States are still expected to retain their top rating.

Fitch said that medium until upward long-term predictions for the budget deficit due to a weaker economic development or the budgetary policies need to be corrected, also the rating Outlook could wiggle. A downgrade of the credit note, as she had made S & P, is however unlikely, said Fitch. The note has a strong influence on the risk premium, a State in the capital market has to pay for U.S. debts.

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