Five-days on Bus Through Six States for Mitt Romney:


Five-days on Bus Through Six States for Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney, a future Republican rival Barack Obama in the presidential election of November 6, was launched on Friday by bus from the northeastern United States in a campaign tour of five days must be carried out in six closely contested states.

In these six States will be held crucial clashes” to the presidential launched Russell Schriefer, a senior official of the campaign team of Mr. Romney from Boston, Massachusetts, until the bus starts.

New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa and Michigan have all been won by president Obama in 2008, and we will campaign on the land“, said Mr. Schriefer.

A little less than five months before the vote, the multimillionaire Mitt Romney attempts to reconnect with the base, who was accused, especially by the Obama president, being away from the concerns of Americans.

This trip, will allow us to return to a more traditional campaign“, recognized Mr. Schriefer,

In the first of a dozen of cases, Mr. Romney gave a speech farm Scamman in Stratham, New Hampshire, where even where he had launched his campaign last year.

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