Fukushima Disaster Of The Nuclear Power Plant in Japan Pain Blasting Jet Pack:


Fukushima Disaster Of The Nuclear Power Plant in Japan Pain Blasting Jet Pack

Reactors 1 to 4 in Fukushima still out of control. Government of Japan is now desperate measures to contain the radiation, the resin is sprayed, a tarp that covers the plant. The IAEA recommends an extension of the evacuation zone.

Fukushima Pain

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The bad news of the disaster shattered the Fukushima nuclear plants do not stop. Although the operator said TEPCO, the head was removed out unusual crisis management, on Wednesday the situation in the six reactors have improved.

Then came the almost inevitable “but”: the reactors 1 to 4 still not under control. An unmanned aircraft, but had shortly before aerial photographs of the nuclear power plant, which demonstrates the magnitude of destruction.

The operator continues to struggle against nuclear disaster. Technicians have been more than two weeks and again in atomic debris in extreme working conditions and always under the life-threatening risk of radioactive contamination.

Plano reactor, the resin in the ground
Long ago, the government has activated. To stop the leak of radioactive particles into the environment, Tokyo is now considering to close the reactors with a kind of protective case. A special fabric to cover the ruins. Government spokesman Yukio Edan said Wednesday, according to Kyodo news agency. Thus, each worker could for long periods of time in the danger zone.

Moreover, the soil is sprayed around the damaged reactor with synthetic resin. The first method was tested on Thursday in one section, TEPCO spokesman Hidehiko Nishiyama. The idea was to “stick” of radioactive particles in the soil. For more information, did not, however.

“Every opportunity,” said Edan, would be discussed by government and nuclear experts at the time and consideration. In the list still has some exposed fuel cooling in the reactor, the highest priority to avoid a major collapse. Experts suspect that this procedure could take several months.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Japan has fallen for the evacuation of more than one place in the vicinity of the destroyed nuclear power plant in Fukushima. Located in the city Iitate 7,000 troops in the northwest of the plant, the nuclear agency had teams were the highest levels of radiation, the IAEA said the nuclear security expert, Denis Flory. Flory added, in a press conference in Vienna: “An initial assessment indicates that the criteria of the IAEA has passed for the evacuation.”

We have Japan, the situation to see exactly, “said Flory. Iitate is about 40 kilometers from the reactor affected. The environmental organization Greenpeace had already ordered the evacuation of the city’s own measurements and to expand the evacuation zone 20 to 40 kilometers. The IAEA Nuclear Security few skills. You can only advise member states – but the end does not.

The radioactive contamination in the ditches and cellars of the Fukushima nuclear power is enormous: 1.000 mSv/h were measured sometimes not – the amounts represent the greatest risk if they come into contact with water. Before that, the sea off Fukushima, the allowed value of radioactive iodine 131, 3355fache been overcome.

TEPCO would revive civil reactor
In the nuclear experts to work the next steps now are also experts in the USA: 40 employees, the Federal Energy Department has already sent to Japan. Some U.S. experts NRC Nuclear Regulatory Authority are among them. A total of five nuclear experts will send the French nuclear group Areva on nuclear damage. Specialists should support Japanese workers here, pumping water contaminated by radioactivity of the reactor cooling blocks partially destroyed. Very generous support from abroad must not be: The global nuclear lobby only benefit if the nuclear disaster, yet not accept other dimensions.

Workers in the catastrophe of the Fukushima nuclear power plant are increasingly using their power at the end. With his anguish grows with permanent health damage. It said a manager of a contractor of the operator Tepco the Asahi Shimbun. Meanwhile, it is of three technicians who were at the nuclear plant destroyed in contact with radioactive water, apparently well. “We examined and measured no radiation,” said a spokesman for the nuclear safety authority, Yoshiyuki Tada.

Given the disaster that was surprised that TEPCO had apparently been thinking seriously about the four reactors may take a new day. After all, leaders have rejected. “We have no choice but to scrap,” said the acting head of the operator, Tsunehisa Katsumata. The reactor 1-4 through the 11 March earthquake damage to the extent that they are useless for power generation. Why Tepco your thoughts in a press conference announced publicly, we can only guess.

To shake the head also saw the announcement that the group should consider whether the reactors 5 and 6 could produce electricity again later. According to a report of NHK television said Katsumata, decide depended on discussions with experts from residents and local governments.

Japan nuclear reactor test
The Japanese government is nationalizing the company which runs into account. So you might actually get there, but probably still radioactive substances into the environment. In addition, soil samples within the plant in Fukushima I highly poisonous plutonium was discovered.

In view of the government of Japan is now the consequences of disaster for the national nuclear industry: On Wednesday there is an urgent review of all nuclear reactors located in the country – for more terror scenarios Fukushima avoided.

A letter to that effect addressed to the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Kaieda Banri, the heads of nine regional electric company and two nuclear operators. At present there is shut down or under construction, nuclear power is likely to become operational without inspection, he said at a press conference that was broadcast on television. A total of 53 nuclear power plants in earthquake-prone Japan – many in the vicinity of the sea.

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