Fukushima Nuclear Crisis Japanese Prime Minister Apologizes For GAU:


Fukushima Nuclear Crisis Japanese Prime Minister Apologizes For GAU

It is a gesture of humility, expressing the total impotence. Japan’s prime minister apologized for the consequences of the disaster Fukushima people. The situation remained “very seriously” said Naoto Kan, three blocks from the nuclear reactor, the work had to be stopped.

The presence of Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan spread some optimism. The location of the plant in Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power remains very serious, said Friday in a press conference in Tokyo. “We’re not in a position where we can be optimistic. We have to treat every event with great care,” said Kan

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The Prime Minister said that the Japanese government was doing in the nuclear crisis of everything in their power: “The government is doing everything possible to bring the situation under control.”

Khan thanked the emergency services who risked their lives. When farmers and businesses, apologized for the damage caused by the Fukushima nuclear disaster and the compensation and joint support for the view.

In Fukushima reactor back several blocks without any cooling. radioactive contaminated water stopped on Friday to work on the reactors 1 and 2, according to Kyodo News and Jiji Press reported. Fukushima experts had discovered the glowing water in the basement of the turbine hall at Mile 1 and 2, volunteers had to withdraw. How much radioactivity was and where they come from will be discussed, he said.

Reactor vessel, piping or valves damaged
Previously, the situation has worsened since the reactor 3. On Thursday, two workers were injured when they were heavily polluted water shoes. According to the company which runs the water TEPCO had a radioactivity of 3.9 million becquerels per cubic centimeter – 10,000 times more than usual with the water in the turbine building of boiling water reactor.

The operator of TEPCO nuclear power plant said on Friday it was hard to know where radioactive contamination in the water from the reactor 3. It is assumed that the reactor vessel or cooling ponds were damaged nuclear fuel rods. The NISA Nuclear Regulatory Authority, said the water coming from the core of this system and no – the reactor vessel, a pipe or a valve can be destroyed.

Reactor 5 as TEPCO regular cooling system is now repaired. The faulty pump was replaced, the cooling run.

expand Japan’s prime minister sees no need for the evacuation area at the margins Meiler – Despite all the uncertainty and the slow work in the oven margins.

“Fair and equitable in providing information”
Experts in the nuclear regulatory body would advise the government NISA. were then “reasonable steps” have been made, “Khan said U.S. estimates, the area should be extended to 80 miles, said:” Every country has its own rules. “Japan had informed other countries about their transparent and comprehensive action.

The evacuation zone extends in a radius of 20 km around the nuclear power plant. And please do not call within 20 to 30 kilometers life of the population to flee their homes and stay home if possible. Government spokesman Yukio Edan recommended for people within a radius of 30 miles on Friday to go to volunteer in more distant regions. This is being done, but not for security but to avoid increasing problems in everyday life.

The measurements of radioactivity in food decided to extend the Japanese government. “We will increase the frequency of observations,” promised Kansas Information is transmitted as before without delay to the public and the media. Criticism of government information policy rejected Khan: “We will continue to be fair and accurate in providing information.”

Japan is considering new rules for nuclear plants
The food control throughout the European Union (EU) should be reinforced in view of the nuclear accident in Japan. “In the future food can be affected regions Japanese introduced in Germany if they were strictly controlled and certified in Japan,” said Federal Minister of Consumer Protection Ilse Aigner on Friday in Berlin. Even before the shipment must be ensured that the products have not increased radiation exposure.

Japan is considering, according to Economy Minister Banri Kaieda in response to the nuclear disaster in Fukushima new safety standards for nuclear power plants. In this way the government wants to take people living near nuclear power plants, their growing concern. The new guidelines are aimed at re-starting the nuclear power plant, which currently are subject to routine inspections are applied, the Minister said on Friday.

The number of victims after the devastating earthquake and tsunami, according to Japanese media has already passed the milestone of 10,000. The NHK television reported that 10 035 victims in the morning local time. About 17,500 people remain missing, the numbers are likely to increase further.

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