Gaddafi-Offensive Against The West Under Pressure:


Gaddafi-Offensive Against The West Under Pressure

Intervene or wait? Libya threatens to fight increasingly violent civil war and therefore sink into chaos, to intervene, the pressure is increasing, especially in the western states of demand. But still looking for Germany, the EU and the United States helpless and do nothing.

Heavy fighting between insurgents and government forces in Libya feeding fears of a long and bloody civil war. Forces attacked Muammar al-Gaddafi on Sunday only recently conquered city of rebels Ben Jawad. At nearby Ras Lanuf, where an oil port, the insurgents, however, were a defense against a counterattack.

Similarly, the unstable situation in the West Country: Renewed attacks by the troops of the Sawija Gaddafi city is about 50 kilometers from the capital Tripoli and very heavy fighting by day, units go there with Gaddafi heavy weapons. It is unclear the cause of intense machine gun fire in Tripoli. According to the government for the re-conquest of several cities took place, but apparently are still in rebel hands, like the city of Benghazi, where protests had taken against Gadhafi began.

With the fighting continuing and increasingly violent is growing well, the expectations of the international community. Pope Benedict XVI. expressed on Sunday for the first time since the outbreak of the riots and called for help to those affected.

But what are the options? Foreign Minister, Guido Westerwelle (FDP) as requested in the “World on Sundays” a Security Council meeting of the UN. “Targeted sanctions are needed against those responsible for crimes against the Libyan people.” The previously agreed measures were not enough, “cash flows should be stopped.”

Westerwelle agrees with the SPD MEP Martin Schulz, P. online interview, also pushed for tougher penalties – but otherwise defended against criticism, in particular the European Union. Brussels is not the problem, but the different interests of Member States prevented the clean lines of the community, by way of example, said France and Britain – probably not without reason. Significantly, as the secret diplomacy of the British: Apparently, a diplomat with the opponents of Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi contact me, here were the elite soldiers who accompanied him time set by the insurgents.

It is clear that the EU initially only for humanitarian assistance, is responsible for the killing will not stop coming. In preparation for the extraordinary summit in Libya on Friday, the Union has sent an assessment team to Tripoli. Italian Expert Help Agostino Miozzo crisis led group will examine how the EU can help people in the country.

Leaders of the 27 EU states want to discuss on Friday in an aid package for countries in northern Africa. The letter of invitation from the President of the EU Council, Herman Van Rompuy, which is sunny, the summit will address the steps to “help overcome the dramatic events in Libya.” On Thursday, foreign ministers of the EU in Brussels on the situation in Libya.

Helpless “Number of a World Power”
While they may roam the question of military intervention, at least, the Schulz also excluded as an opportunity will not last. But at the same time, he stressed that this was possible only with the involvement of the Security Council and the Arab States.

This view is shared in Washington. In contrast to his predecessor, George W. Bush Barack Obama makes unmistakably clear: the United States alone will not exist, everything is coordinated with the international community. In plain English: Although NATO and the Arab League are in “special cases” are required.

Decision should, however, what happens within the United States. Even the reluctant world power. It took weeks for U.S. president, Barack Obama, called publicly at least available to Muammar al-Gaddafi. And apparently helpless watching the “World Energy Number One” now to the terrible events.

But above all, the fierce battles around the city Sawija U.S. will remain under pressure, bloody and brutal fight, the more urgent the question of an intervention. So also warned of the “Washington Post” in view of the Battle of Sawija: “The use of increases in Washington.” The question is: How long can the U.S. do?

The President was surprised, reports the White House spokesman, Jay Carney. Three times a day that Obama now experts on the situation – a clear sign of the seriousness with which the Commander in Chief “has the situation. But the U.S. military are skeptical and gain time. “No, frankly, a lot of loose talk about some of these military options,” as the brakes of Defense Robert Gates.

In particular, the EU well on Sunday Senator John Kerry put into play the possibility of an air exclusion zone irritated the minister – the thing was risky and dangerous. “Let’s call things by their name,” Gates said recently before a congressional committee. “An air exclusion zone begins with an attack on Libya to destroy air defense.” In particular, mean that U.S. fighter jets would have to turn off the Libyan air force and all anti-aircraft missiles. Intern military warning: Libya’s defense is more effective than the Iraqi attack in Baghdad in the 2003rd U.S. “Do not say it’s not doable,” said Pentagon spokesman David Lapan. “It just has not been decided,” that seeks to explain the hesitation.

After Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Sunday the new chief of staff of the White House, Bill Daley, was restrained. “Many people talk about a no-fly zone as it would be (…) a video game or something,” Daley said U.S. NBC station. “Who is it this way has no idea what you are talking about.”

After all, the U.S. military is going to take to the “worst case” Preparations – if an intervention seems inevitable. For example, the helicopter carrier USS Kearsarge, with 1,200 men aboard, including nearly 800 Marines, arrived in Crete, Greek radio reported. The vessel is suitable for landing operations and evacuations. You were landed Thursday on the Mediterranean island of 400 U.S. troops, diplomatic sources reported.

Maybe it’s more the fear of Obama that Gaddafi could hide in the bunker, the situation in the coils of the North African countries out of control and civil war broke out openly. The fear in Washington: So could not hold the United States. Again and again is therefore closed by a “red line” the speech of not more than Gaddafi. But: not yet said exactly that line is drawn.

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