Galaxy Tab Sale in Australia:


Galaxy Tab Sale in Australia

Galaxy Tab Sale in Australia. The Highest Court of Australia was permitted Samsung to sell its Galaxy Tab, in dismissing the application of its competitor Apple to extend the prohibition of the marketing on Friday, December 9, 2011.

Galaxy Tab Sale in Australia

This decision is a new episode in the legal battle between the two groups, in a dozen countries. At mid-October, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 had been banned for sale in Australia at the request of the Apple, who accused Samsung of patent infringement. Apple accused the Galaxy Tab Samsung 10.1 violate its touch-screen technology, used for the iPad.

The Federal Court in Sydney, by the South Korean had temporarily lifted the ban late November. The High Court confirmed the lifting of this ban, just before the Christmas holidays, during which can themselves play the commercial success of these devices. No appeal is allowed, said the High Court. However, the case has not been decided on the merits and the next hearing date remains to be determined.

International Guerrilla Judicial
Samsung declared itself satisfied with the decision of justice, which shows that the prohibition of sale should not have be imposed for the Galaxy Tab 10.1, in the words of a spokesman for the Australian Agency PAA. Apple on the other hand maintains its position, stating that the latest products of Samsung resemble the iPhone and the iPad, in the shape of the hardware in the user interface, and even the packaging, according to a spokesperson for Apple.

Since the spring of 2011, two competing manufacturers engage an International Guerrilla Judicial in each accusing the other of infringement of technology and design.

In early September, a German court has prohibited the sale in the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Germany and granted a victory of importance to the Californian group in its international battle. In November, Samsung said changed the design of this tablet, for the German market. The sale of the Samsung tablet will be not blocked to the United States for the year end period.

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