Google Doodle Dance: Google Honors Choreographer Martha Graham:


Google Doodle Dance: Google Honors Choreographer Martha Graham

Google Doodle

Once again Google surprised the visitors of its search engine with an unusual appearance. Who currently typing in their browser is welcomed by charming animation of a dancer. By the so-called Google Doodle, honors to the dancer and choreographer Martha Graham.

On Wednesday, 11 May would Warton Graham became 117 years old. The daughter of a doctor delivers in size of modern dance. She was born in 1894 in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania as the oldest of three girls. At the age of 22 years before Graham began with the dance training that she attended in Los Angeles.
Modern Dance with a personal touch

Martha Graham is regarded as revolutionary, the dance style “modern dance”. In her own dance studio, the “Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance in New York, she missed the Modern Dance your personal touch. So they had incorporated some elements from the classical ballet with and undermined the often rigid conventions of classical dance by new Bewegunsabläufe. When Martha Graham emotions were in focus, know what experts estimate to their dance especially.

Even celebrities like Madonna and actor Kirk Douglas was informed of Graham. Graham died in 1991. With 75 years she gave her last dance class. Even in old age of 96 years, she choreographed her dance pieces. Graham was responsible for a total of 181 works in its over 60 years of stage presence.

The Google Doodle are the ones making a change. Originally introduced as a simple absence note of Google’s founders, the small images are more complex. Thus, since the visitors had even ever play PacMan on the Google homepage.

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