Google Report The Trouble With The State Government:


Google Report The Trouble With The State Government

The era in which Internet companies have set their own rules approaching the final end. The complaint against the software company Microsoft’s largest Internet search engine company with the U.S. FTC is the latest example. Microsoft claims, as well as a series of acquisitions that Google alters its search engine so that it prefer Google’s special services and wide in search results above, usually on the first page that sort.

Google Report The Trouble With The State Government

There is a charge of momentous. The Internet search is still the most important distributor of attention on the Internet. Google has a market share of 60 percent in Europe, often by more than 80 percent in the United States. One billion people half of all Internet users open on Google each month and what is the results list on the first page, most commonly clicked, gets more users and is in turn in the assessment of how important Google. And who is even above, which has the biggest chances to make money.

Transferred to Google: If the competition authorities in the United States – in Brussels is running also an investigation should come to the conclusion, that Google abused its power and ultimate competition blocks by it far below sorted those competitors in the results list, then the authorities will find ways and means to influence the search algorithm of Google. So far they do not. So far, they have confident that it is its own interest in Google’s to penalise anybody. Because other search engines are only a click away.

But: There are not many alternative search engines that provide equally good and fast results. One of them runs Microsoft, but it is virtually in the public interest that Google is as neutral as possible.

The Internet company has always argued on this point, his algorithm would be secret so no one can deceive and cheat Google upward. The algorithm is, if you will, the Coca-Cola Recipe of the Internet Group. He must disclose his mix soon the competition watchdogs? Google has really manipulated? And the algorithm is negotiated at the end of the public good? The investigation may take a long time, it officially has not even begun yet, but the U.S. competition authorities are preparing for months for it.

Only the experience shows. While there is no decision on the complaints from Microsoft and others, Google remains inhibited. This legal battle will bind attention and labor of the leading managers. In addition, Google will be careful about falling like venturing into legal gray areas, as it has in the book search privacy issues and done again and again. Why? Because the FTC and the EU competition authority in each of their methods have some discretion and in the end it depends on whether they think the folks at Google for a fair partner, or at least for predatory capitalists. The time of free development for the group is over.

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