IAEA Warns of Nuclear Incident “Very Serious” Situation in Fukushima:


IAEA Warns of Nuclear Incident “Very Serious” Situation in Fukushima

The fuel rods are exposed, the cooling of the reactors had to be interrupted, the new electrical connection is not yet clear: the situation is dramatic in fukushima.

Situation in Fukushima

From Vienna, a new assessment of the situation at the Fukushima nuclear complex: In accordance with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the situation remains “very seriously.” In particular, the processes in the reactor block 4 are still a matter of “serious concern.” Experts suggested that the fuel rods in the basin and are completely dry and no longer cools. Since the building is damaged, the bars are open.

However, it is said even by the IAEA, the radiation is in the evacuation zone around the nuclear plant without detrimental changes in value. That could change, because in the other two is the danger of a crisis immensely high: According to the IAEA, the fuel rods in reactors 1 and 3 are only half covered with water in the reactor 2 , the water level slightly above the center of the fuel rods.

All day I had to test the Japanese authorities and the nuclear power plant operating company TEPCO to prevent a collapse. fire trucks and helicopters brought water to the power plant to ensure the cooling of the reactors. However, both operations had to be discontinued after a short period of time. Radiation does not appear to be significantly reduced.

The nuclear power plant is not ready. The objective is the pump running again, the water pump in the cooling systems and cooling ponds. The work, however, could not be completed according to Kyodo news agency as planned on Thursday and continue Friday. If severe nuclear disaster can be prevented, decides according to estimates by the German Society for Radiation Protection presumably Saturday: If attempts to cool not block 4, it was a disaster.

Now get Japanese aid from the U.S.. The Pentagon sent a team of specialists from Fukushima. The nine experts on biological and nuclear threats to advise the Japanese armed forces. Russia also wants to support neighboring countries, providing assistance in fighting the fire at the nuclear plant. This agency Interfax, quoting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Due to the evolution of the nuclear power plant in Fukushima severely damaged more and more countries want to bring to its nationals in Japan. The diplomats are to safety. Therefore, the German embassy in Tokyo has been temporarily relocated to the southwest of the city of Osaka. It also recommends the Ministry, which issued a travel warning for the country of East Asia all Germans, the region of the nuclear power plant and the surrounding area around Tokyo and Yokohama to leave temporarily. You can change to Osaka Osaka or abroad, the ministry said.

In Japan now, the growing fear of contaminated food. The government ordered local authorities to sample the local produce for radioactivity. “The test range of fresh produce, especially from regions that have to do with the accident,” said Deputy Health Minister Kohei Otsuka. Committed to testing, but were all authorities across the country. The ministry stressed, however, was allowed before any food had more stress than they are.

This also applies to goods that were exported from Japan to Germany. Federal Consumer Protection Minister Ilse Aigner believes this to be harmless. “Our findings are that currently are not contaminated food.” Japan also exports to the disaster, hardly any food: “All the trade routes virtually collapsed,” said the politician of the CSU. However, Germany and other EU countries, controls have been strengthened.

The refugee situation in Japan is getting worse. Especially in the North East people struggling against the cold. Gasoline and food are becoming scarce. So far, authorities have about 6,000 deaths. More severe aftershocks shook the island.

Watch the video of The Nuclear Power Debate.

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