Libya News: Gaddafi Calls For The Decisive Battle:


Libya News: Gaddafi Calls For The Decisive Battle

Libya News: Gaddafi Calls For The Decisive Battle. The situation in the Libyan capital seems to escalate further: the rebels report several steps in the direction of Tripoli. Leader Muammar al-Gaddafi calls his followers to the defensive combat and concerning. It was already the second audio message Muammar al Gaddafi in less than 24 hours: the Libyan leader has his followers on Sunday evening called to defend the capital city to the last drop of blood against the insurgents. Gaddafi turned in a message broadcast by the State television to the people.

Libya News Gaddafi Calls For The Decisive Battle

Such as the Arabic news channel Al Jazeera insured Gaddafi reported, he is still in Tripoli and will remain “until the end“. Thereby, Gaddafi contradicted rumors that he is already have removed Algerian border from the capital with his family in the direction. “We will win the victory,” he said and summoned his followers to come to support him in the fight against the rebels from everywhere in the capital. “We will not give up. We will leave Tripoli not the occupiers and their agents.

Even if many data not independently confirm, the battle seems had begun Tripoli and experts warn of a bloody outcome: six months after the outbreak of the civil war opponents of Gaddafi’s with other fighters from their strongholds of Misurata and Slitan in Tripoli the power to try to snap. According to eyewitness accounts, rebels by sea in the Libyan capital on Sunday met a to intervene in the fighting. Insurgents on land were further advanced from the East to Tripoli and only about 25 km high at the gates of the city.

Rebels capture important military base
In the city, the rebels brought at least four districts under their control according to their statements. In addition, they should have taken important facilities such as the airport and military installations. Combat units of the rebels should be arrived in the evening in the Western outskirts without encountering resistance. In the suburb of Dhansura, they had been welcomed by cheering people, reporters reported the news agency AP, who accompanied the fighters. Early evening up to 12 km of the capital were what the rebel fighters coming from the Nefussa mountains in the West. As an AFP journalist reported, the people at the track welcomed the fighters with shots of joy.

Previously, the rebels had brought a strategically important barracks close to the Libyan capital under their control. As an AFP correspondent on the ground reported, several hundred rebels penetrated into a military base West of Tripoli and took weapons and ammunition in itself.

The barracks on the road to Sawijah, considered the most difficult hurdle on the way of the rebels in the capital. In the Interior of the base vehicles, where charred bodies were burned after the fighting. Also there was injured. The barracks was according to the news agency AP Chamis Brigade, an elite unit of government troops. The Brigade is commanded by Gaddafi’s son of Chamis. It is considered one of the best trained and equipped units of the regime.

As from Maja, 25 km west of Tripoli, an AFP correspondent reported, rebel fighters freed dozens of prisoners from a prison in which opponents of the dictator were arrested in the afternoon. Previously the rebels had delivered there fierce fighting himself with Gaddafi loyal soldiers. Many of the prisoners looked according to the pale and emaciated, some pointed to traces of torture. In prison, some 20 inmates housed together in a small cell nine square metres. The cells were therefore small corrugated iron huts, where there was an unbearable heat.

Libya News Gaddafi Calls For The Decisive Battle

“Operation Mermaid”
The rebels had launched “Operation Mermaid” on Saturday night, with the Gaddafi in power according to the Transitional Council of the rebels should be circled. In fighting on the night of Sunday, 376 people had been killed and 1000 injured on both sides, it was announced by the Government. Heavy gunfire in the city was also in the afternoon.

The Chairman of the Transitional Council, Mustafa Abdul Dschalil, said the broadcaster Al Jazeera that all actions are prepared and coordinated. NATO had focused their combat missions on Saturday strongly to Libya’s capital. The fighter jets of the international forces had attacked 22 goals in Tripoli alone, NATO announced on Sunday in Brussels.

A Canadian NATO spokesman said the attacks were not with the rebels. “We reduce the military strength of the Pro-Gaddafi troops,” said Colonel Roland Lavoie. “The opposition has used this to their advantage.” NATO weakens the ability of Gaddafi troops attacking civilians. Attacks were thus military facilities, warehouses, armoured vehicles, missiles and missile launcher and radar systems. Overall, NATO had flown 36 combat missions of Libya on Saturday. In addition to Tripoli, the Alliance attacked also targets in Sirte, Brega and Slitan.

The United States expect that Gaddafi’s days are now numbered. “The Libyan people deserve a fair, democratic and peaceful future,” said Deputy Government spokesman Josh earnest. German Chancellor Angela Merkel called on Gaddafi to quickly deliver the power. “It would be good, if he gives up as quickly as possible to avoid bloodshed“, said Merkel in the ZDF summer interview.

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