Libya News: Gaddafi’s Regime Collapses:


Libya News: Gaddafi’s Regime Collapses

Libya News: Gaddafi’s Regime Collapses. The eldest son, Mohammed al-Gaddafi, was placed under house arrest at his house. The son of Gaddafi said the rebels would guarantee his safety, on the night of Monday in a telephone interview of the television station Al Jazeera. Libya is a historic moment after months of civil war: the rebels have brought much of the capital under their control – the power of the regime of Gaddafi crumbling. Three of his sons are in the hands of the insurgents, the dictator is gone.

Libya News Gaddafi's Regime Collapses

Lasted 42 years the brutal rule of Libya’s leader Muammar al-Gaddafi, now the North African country faces a historic turning point: the rebels brought in the night to Monday much of the capital city under their control. Gaddafi’s bodyguards showed clearly.

In Tripoli, thousands cheered the victory of the insurgents. In the rebel stronghold Benghazi and other towns were ignited firecrackers and fired shots of joy. “We congratulate the Libyan people to the overthrow of Muammar al-Gaddafi and call on the Libyan people to go on the roads and to protect the public property. Long live the free Libya“, it is said in a statement distributed in the morning of the Transitional Council, reported that New York Times.

On early Monday morning, Tripoli was completely in the hands of the opponents of the regime according to the rebels up to a few enclaves. The rebels brought the green square in the heart of Tripoli under their control. Television showed hundreds of people who celebrated on the square near the property of Gaddafi and cast shots of joy. Others shot on giant posters with the picture of Gaddafi. According to al Jazeera, the rebels announced in “Place of the martyrs” rename the place again. Many soldiers of Gaddafi’s were captured, it said. Others would resist still.

The rebels celebrate and dance
Al Jazeera showed images how cheering people greeted the insurgents on the streets of Tripoli, danced and cast shots of joy. Many chanted “Allah is powerful“, or “Tripoli will be free“. Joy celebrations were reported from other cities of the country. In the rebel stronghold, Benghazi gathered in a huge crowd to a soon.

Libya News Gaddafi's Regime Collapses

In view of the apparently imminent end of the Libyan regime, a leading representative of the national of Transitional Council urged for restraint. On the day of the victory he would appeal to the “conscience and sense of responsibility” all fighter against leader Gaddafi, said Mahmoud Jibril in an Ahrar el on the night of Monday from the rebels, Libya television, televised speech: “Does not pay you not, not sacks, no foreigners attacked and respects the prisoners”. No one will even kill prisoners if Gaddafi’s confidante, his children or his family.

The transitional period provides a great way to “integrity all the rights, for which we fought“, Jibril continued, acting as head of Government of the rebels. “I ask all my Libyan brothers to prove that we act responsibly at this critical moment. All the world watching us: either we create democracy or we opt for the revenge“.

Gaddafi two sons were arrested, a third put under house arrest. Initially no details were available on the whereabouts of Gaddafi himself. A representative of the Transitional Council said it “do not think that Gaddafi in Tripoli” is.

In the West of Tripoli the son of Gaddafi sought an international arrest warrant was set Saif al-Islam together with his brother Al-Saadi a spokesman reported the insurgents, Abu Bakr al-Tarbulsi. The eldest son, Mohammed al-Gaddafi, was placed under house arrest at his house. The son of Gaddafi said the rebels would guarantee his safety, on the night of Monday in a telephone interview of the television station al Jazeera.

ICTY urges quick extradition of Al Gaddafi son
International arrest warrants are available against Gaddafi, his son Saif al-Islam and his brother-in-law, the intelligence chief Abdullah Senussi. They are accused of serious crimes against humanity. The Chief Prosecutor of the international of Criminal Court (ICC) called on therefore the Libyan Transitional Council in Benghazi, to the Hague to transfer Saif al-Islam. This Monday you would negotiate how extradition could take place, in the Public Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo said the US broadcaster CNN. The National Transitional Council is but apparently, to provide the responsible court in Libya. To Libya have the full right, former Ambassador of the country in the United States, Ali Aujali, who now speaks for the Transitional Council, in the channel al Jazeera said.

Gaddafi himself had sent to his followers late Sunday night for the third time that day. In an audio message, he summoned his followers in the State television: “You have to go into the streets, to combat the rats and traitors.” All must March to Tripoli, to protect it. “If not, you will be slaves of the colonialists.” Suddenly stopped his voice. There was no explanation for the suspension of the message. It was unclear from where Gaddafi had spoken.

Before Gaddafi’s spokesman Moussa Ibrahim had say, the Government was ready for immediate negotiations to stop the attack on Tripoli. The rebels had managed no meters ahead without the help of NATO, Ibrahim said. He called on the military alliance to dissuade the rebels from the further invasion. The rebels rejected the offer of negotiations, however. You keep its central claim: Gaddafi must leave the country.

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