Malaysian Police and Hospital Allegedly Involved In Human Organ Trafficking:


Malaysian Police and Hospital Allegedly Involved In Human Organ Trafficking

Three of the Indonesian workers in Malaysia from West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) returned dead to their home late last March 2012. These three workers died allegedly a victim of human organs trafficking.

Chronology of the published cases of Migrant Care, Wednesday (04/25/2012), mentioned a number of witnesses who saw the immediate condition of the victim in Malaysia hospital says a number of stitches visible on the third victim’s body. Witnesses included Hirman, Abdul Kadir Jaelani biological brother and cousin of Abdul Kadir Wildfire family.

They also testified that the third victim’s body stitched together in the second part of the eye, chest, and abdomen.

Executive Director of Migrant Care, Anis Hidayah in a press release said the three victims of the victims allegedly organ trafficking in Malaysia.

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