Megaupload Closed To Prevent Kim Dotcom Compete iTunes:


Megaupload Closed To Prevent Kim Dotcom Compete iTunes

Megaupload closed to prevent Kim Dotcom compete iTunes. MegaUpload was clearly a site used for piracy and illegal downloading, it was nevertheless very popular on the web. And its closure has always touched many people and aroused some suspicion: what are the real reasons that led the FBI close MegaUpload? In recent days, the rumor is spreading on the Internet: the conspiracy theory.

The Americans suddenly wanted complete the MegaUpload site, due to a new concept which intended to implement Kim Dotcom: a totally free online music store, named MegaBox and which could be done much harm iTunes because totally legal!

Indeed, Kim Dotcom would have had the idea of this new site derived from MegaUpload, which would have left artists directly offer their music to consumers, by removing all intermediaries. They have been paid more than on iTunes. Whole concept MegaBox will be funded by the pub.

You must understand that some labels are ruled by dinosaurs that are in the business since 1000 years” explained then Kim Dotcom last December, when he mentioned his idea for the first time. “These companies are not answers to the new realities. Universal prefers sabotage our campaign rather than analyze the situation and realize that the answers to all their problems lie just before their nose“.

Then is it really for that MegaUpload has been closed or the conspiracy theory is ultimately much more easy to accept but the simple truth?

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