Microsoft Windows 8 Beta Release in February 2012:


Microsoft Windows 8 Beta Release in February 2012

Microsoft Windows 8 Beta Release in February 2012. Microsoft announcing a beta of Windows 8 which come out in late February 2012. It is not known yet whether the new operating system out well next year, but this rumor would tend to confirm this. For the release of Windows 7, Microsoft opened the beta to everyone. This should logically be the case even for Windows 8.

According to the site Thenextweb, it has not been possible to confirm that contain the beta of Windows 8. So there is currently nothing more about the e-mail function, absent from the preview version sent to the developers. The site believes that Microsoft will be on time and should meet its schedule release of Windows. We know at least that we can expect several versions of the final test before tumbling do in stores.

The latest rumors, Windows 8 should be perfect for Kinect and can navigate through menus with hand and voice. Moreover it is not impossible that a new version of the Xbox 360 runs on Windows 8.

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