Mikhail Prokhorov, A Good Message For Investors:


Mikhail Prokhorov, A Good Message For Investors

Mikhail Prokhorov, A Good Message For Investors. The intention of the billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov, ex-leader of the right just Cause, to attend the presidential will have a positive influence on the investment climate in Russia, say experts. However, the initiative of the oligarch is a success if he is able to cross the first hurdle, the registration.

Mikhail Prokhorov, aged 46 years and third richness of Russia with a fortune of about US $ 18 billion, that he would run in the presidential election of March 2012. He intended to participate in the legislative elections of December 4 as leader of just Cause. However, mid-September a scandal has erupted in the party, after which delegates were removed it.

The effect of Prokhorov
According to Nikita Maslennikov, Counsellor at the Institute of contemporary development, the risk of deterioration of the investment climate in Russia have grown after the legislative elections of December 4. He added that he was not only of the protest movements, but also of the fact that the report of forces in the new Duma (Lower House of the Russian Parliament) remains left of center.

However, the current economic situation, the threat of a second wave of the crisis, the current risks in terms of financial stability and the need for a strict budgetary policy dictate a right—center policy“, she says.

Evgueni scientific Iassine, Director of the high College of Economics joined this opinion and noted that even the Russia United Party originally advocating ideas of right gradually departed from the liberal policy of the right. “It gets a reactionary conservatism. There are remains of liberal views, but they are not used to much, because now the economy is regulated to a point such that even if the Communists came to power, they would not have required to make additional changes,” said Yevgeny Iassine.

This is the reason for which the experts assess overall Prokhorov effect on investment as positive climate. “Under these conditions, the candidacy of Prokhorov is a kind of message for investors, whether in Russian economic space of right-wing politicians who obey the principles of economic policy right there. It’s an equilibrative message,” noted Nikita Maslennikov.

Andrei Netchaev, former Russian Minister of Economics and President of the Russian financial Corporation Bank, collects in the candidature of Mikhail Prokhorov a chance to change in the climate of the country’s Affairs. “On the one hand, companies are obviously interested in stability and want to avoid disorder.” But on the other hand, the current stability is harmful to the business community. And in this sense, small and medium—sized enterprises and a part of large companies, which are not affected by the Division of the budget and the redistribution of property, are interested in changes. “And a chance to change is always a good thing,” he said.

The right flank
Experts believe that the will of Mikhail Prokhorov to become the spokesman of the ideas of the middle class is fully justified. “These people are autonomous, creative and accustomed to rely on themselves. This is a relatively young part of the population that is not sufficiently represented in the Russian Government,” describes Nikita Maslennikov the potential electorate of Mikhail Prokhorov.

Moreover, according to experts, it is the middle class who has need of a formulation of the ideas in clear and precise right. “The political arena requires that both parties are present: a left, social democratic party, and a liberal on the right, fixed objective freedom as a source of wealth. One ensures that the freedom exists, and the other ensures fairness,” said Iassine.

According to him, on the right flank Mikhail Prokhorov will take into account forces occupy already, including the Party of popular freedom (Parnas) non-registered. In addition, it proposes to the oligarch to enter into coalition with other representatives of the forces of right: Alexey Kudrin, Mikhail Kasyanov, Vladimir Ryzhkov and Boris Nemtsov. “It would be a very good thing.” Opinions may differ on their qualifications, but it is certainly not fools. “Such a force should generate confidence“, he noted.

The needs of a Russia competition past Participation of Prokhorov presidential bring probably plot additional and competition, which deserves to be welcomed“, said Andrei Netchaev.

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