New Power Plant Explosion Shook Fukushima:


New Power Plant Explosion Shook Fukushima

The situation in the Fukushima nuclear plant is always dramatic: In the grounds of the 3 reactor, there was a massive explosion of hydrogen, but would have been only the roof of the destroyed building. In the 2 complex is not cool. Technicians are fighting desperately to avoid even greater disaster.


The shocking news of Japan’s amazing: on Monday there was again on the power plant disaster Fukushima I, a hydrogen explosion. According to the Government of the steel shell of the block 3, but was kept. The operator TEPCO announced that there were large quantities of radioactivity were released. It is unlikely that there is still a blast. According to TEPCO in the incident of eleven people were injured.

Previously, it was a 6.2 magnitude aftershock struck on Monday at just after 10:00 on the clock, local time (2.00 German clock) in the world – and also felt in Tokyo. The epicenter, according to U. S. USGS Earthquake Administration, 140 km northeast of the capital – that is, in the direction of nuclear power plants in Fukushima. A tsunami warning was later lifted.

After the new explosion in Fukushima called the government to the people to remain within a radius of 20 km around the disaster of the powerhouses in their homes. Despite an evacuation order is for around 600 people are in the area.

On Saturday, there had been in a reactor at the nuclear complex unit Fukushima I, a hydrogen explosion. In the approximately 240 kilometers north of Tokyo, located plant engineers frantically working power since Friday and cold reactors to prevent a collapse. After the failure of the cooling, the temperature of the fuel rods was out of control.

According to Jiji news agency has also failed in the complex 2 of the power plant cooling water level in the reactor pool. If not possible to cool the reactors, the container can explode or melt. The radioactivity can be released into the atmosphere. According to the government could have been a partial fusion reactors. According to official figures so far 22 people suffered radiation poisoning. Up to 190 were therefore in contact with radioactivity.

Millions of people are without electricity and water
On Sunday Fukushima measured peak values ​​of more than 1,500 micro Sievert – micro Sievert more than twice the upper limit of 500 years of the new measures on Monday The values ​​were obtained for the 650 and 750 micro Sievert. A TEPCO spokesman for the operator, but said Monday that the readings were after the explosion of new construction well below the allowable limit, ie, only 20 micro Sievert.

According to press reports, the weather is favorable, however: a radioactive cloud would be flying in the wind from the east to the Pacific Ocean and move inland.

Earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear explosions in Japan is beaten by a catastrophe of unimaginable proportions. According to the government is the worst crisis since the Second World War. In Miyagi Prefecture, new bodies were found on the coast. The death toll was initially unclear, police said 1,000 bodies in Onagawa in Miyagi disaster area. Kyodo news agency had earlier reported about 2,000 bodies. There are fears that the earthquake and tsunami reached more than 10 000 people were killed. When last week the German authorities had identified 1,627 victims. Therefore, 1720 has disappeared.

Millions of people are without electricity and water, hundreds of thousands of people forced to flee their homes.

US Call Their Citizens To Migrate
Given the magnitude of the catastrophe that was in the stock market losses Monday on strong. The Japanese central bank pumped a record 132 billion euros (15 billion yen) in the banking sector in order to calm the markets.

A planned three-hour power cut on Monday in Tokyo and other cities, said from the Japanese government. Edan Yukio Cabinet Secretary asked all citizens to save energy instead. Should not the rich, has announced electricity rationing in eight prefectures still practice. Japan needs after the failure of some nuclear power plants to compensate for losses in electricity production.

Meanwhile, all ports were in the south of the capital Tokyo and its normal functioning. The northeast coast ports still be reviewed, owner of the ship, said in Tokyo. After the earthquake on Friday were initially closed all ports. Japan is in the disaster region depends on the ports to bring material aid to the victims.

The embassies of several EU countries, meanwhile, was close to its citizens to leave Japan. Asked the German representative of the Germans in the war zone and in the great Tokyo / Yokohama, to consider “whether its presence in Japan is now required, and if this is not the case, keep his departure under consideration.” This was particularly true for families. The French Embassy in Japan gave a similar note, pointing to a possible explosion of a reactor in Fukushima, with a radioactive cloud could reach Tokyo in a matter of hours.

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