Obama and Romney In a Final Sprint:


Obama and Romney In a Final Sprint

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney campaigned at a breakneck pace Sunday-two days before the U.S. presidential election, each bringing its last forces before Tuesday to try to gain the advantage in a race that remains tight.

60 Hours from the beginning of the first recounts, national surveys show a final sprint tight between the outgoing Democratic president and former Governor of Massachusetts (northeast).

The latest survey published Sunday by ABC News/Washington Post thus places Barack Obama and Mitt Romney at 48% each of voting intentions.

But J-2 of the poll, the outgoing nevertheless always seems best placed to prevail due to the rule that grant him the polls in ten of the most contested States, and where people play the presidential. The president of the United States is indeed elected by indirect universal suffrage and must collect a majority of 270 electors (of 538) to be elected.

Sunday morning on ABC, the political adviser to Mr. Obama, David Plouffe, conceded that it was a race “very tight” but stressed that the president was “an important advance” in the key States and that the advance votes also were beneficial.

“Two days!”

“Early voting has worked very well for us.” We finish with a strong momentum in our favour (…) “I am confident that he will be re-elected”, he said.

“Two days! Two days and we we’ll work!”, has for its part launched Mitt Romney during an electoral meeting in Des Moines, Iowa (North-Central), one of the key election States.”

At the start of a Sunday journey of 3000 km in five States, the Republican told some 4,000 supporters that he promised them no “biggest cheque of the State, or to take to each to redistribute in your favor’.

“The president believes that the solution lies in more State. No, the solution, it is more than good jobs”, he said in touting his experience as a businessman.

“For the first time in four years, every entrepreneur, every small business, each creator of jobs know that the president of the United States loves”, repeated Mitt Romney, before concluding: “I need Iowa to win the White House”.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama was continuing Sunday its frantic race, with 8,000 miles in the program for five States in 20 hours. Early in the morning, he climbed into Air Force One New Hampshire, only State a direction northeast largely acquired to the Democrats that Mr. Romney can hope to put in his pouch to reach the 270 threshold “voters” on 538 need to harvest.

Call to vote

“We made real progress these past four years, but New Hampshire, we are here because we know that work remains to be done.” “And as long as a single American who wants a job can find one, our work is not completed,” he said in Concord, after a speech by former president Bill Clinton, came once again to the rescue.

The president then went to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the ‘Grail’ of the electoral map with its 29 electors. The southeastern State remained in history for having decided the election on George w. Bush’s in 2000.

Mr. Obama must make his last speech Sunday in Aurora suburb of Denver (Colorado, West) before to spend what will remain of the night in Wisconsin (North).

Meanwhile, and despite the passage by Ohio, lock it should blow up if he wants to keep his chances of succeeding January 20, 2013, to Mr. Obama, Mr. Romney chose to devote a few hours to Pennsylvania (East), a State that none of the candidates had so far found it useful to request seriously.

It is for him “to enlarge the map” election to achieve the 270 electors in case neighboring Ohio would result in default.

Republicans have done these last days of the purchase of advertising space in that State won by M. Obama in 2008 but where a Republican was elected Governor two years later.

The Democrats also bought ads in Pennsylvania and hurry Bill Clinton on the spot Monday.

The last speech of Mr. Obama Monday re-election campaign are planned in the capitals of Wisconsin, Ohio and Iowa. In the evening, he will travel to Chicago, his fief of Illinois (North), where he spent the day of the election, even if he has already voted early end of October.

For his part, Mr. Romney will await Tuesday results at Boston, Massachusetts, in the wake of a last day of campaign that will lead him from Florida, Virginia, and then in Ohio and New Hampshire.

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