Obama released sword and cut some heads:


Obama released sword and cut some heads

The rumors grew in recent days, and the confirmation arrived: Admiral Gallagher, Commander of the aircraft carrier USS Stennis, en route to the Newman after a tour in the Middle East well was requested by the president Obama to abandon his position and join the faster its base in Bremerton, Washington State, until the army, or more exactly the Navy statue on his fate. The news caused an earthquake, because it is not all actual observed an as Manager in full mission: also, is it since expectantly, to search for what reason give to this very serious sanctions affecting a ranking US military officer. The sentence of Obama on the men and the horses, heard at the last debate with Mitt Romney, still less subtle than a G.W.Bush, resonates in another way since, in the corridors of the White House, where a somewhat exasperated Obama has released the sword to cut some heads, heads belonging to soldiers who apparently opposed its policy or even to his person.

Multiple tracks to entrouvent already, behind the official explanation to the ouster of the Admiral, any footprint of wood language, a “inappropriate judgment”… is not unlike the explanation given for l’ ouster of general Stanley Mc Crystal after committing a highly critical interview, otherwise offensive against president Obama in Rolling Stone magazine in June 2010. That has made so if serious Admiral to be returned illico in his home in Bremerton, in the Pacific Northwest? If the previous months, it is the sexual behavior of several leaders of the Navy that had been followed. Today, we think many more grave: some lovers of conspiracies, Gallagher, disgruntled by its president, – was about to organize a military coup in the United States, which can only leave speechless, in the 21st century (and well adventurous!). Without going down there, it must be recognized that there, the matter is in any case great noise, as the practice is not common, and the facts alleged therefore graves.

Because the man is not an amateur, that demonstrate its various positions. After an early career in submariners (he was officer of communications aboard the USS Gudgeon (“galloping ghost of the West Coast ‘ ) and ASU Sami, a Hunter of Soviet submarines (its commander, Chester”Whitey”Mack, followed by a track for 24 days in a row!)) it is directed towards the surface combat, becoming “combat officer” aboard the USS Fletcher before becoming one of the officers in charge of the destroyer to guided missiles USS Paul Hamilton, to receive then his first command with l’USS Oldendorf based in San Diego, California, and to shine finally aboard the USS Bunker Hill, based in San Diego. This time a destroyer more imposing of the Spruance class, equipped with the Aegis missile system, and which has been noted for its efficiency during operation Induring Freedom from 2006, and in 2007 on the Somali coast, for an anti-terrorist offensive. When he commanded not on sea, Gallagher was also on Earth “East Team chief” and the assistant manager of ‘the Operations and Logistics’ of the United States Transportation Command: i.e. someone with high responsibilities within the Navy. At the time where he was removed from his responsibilities, he commanded (since 2008) the aircraft carrier USS John Stennis, one of the 10 Nimitz-class nuclear aircraft carrier commissioned in 1995 (nuclear weapon carrying aircraft, do not forget!). One of the ten most influential admirals has committed a blunder, but which, it is the question that everyone is asking.

Admiral criticized the attitude only Obama or has it gone further? Let’s go back a little back with another case, completely passed unnoticed that one: that of the general Carter f. Ham, the army, the head of the U.S. Africa Command, which year an article in the Washington Post on October 1, signed Greg Miller and Craig Whitlock, had noticed that in Mali, the AQIM captured weapons from the deposits of Gaddafi not kept. The general suggesting intervention of States against terrorism, but not led by the United States, which would give them military assistance. Or advocated even the use of drones to get rid of the AQIM members as Obama does in Pakistan or in Afghanistan for many years, the presidential reaction is do not delay: from 18, Leon Panetta announced his replacement by general David Rodriguez. Obama not at all appreciated having one can walk on his presidential prerogatives and dictate conduct to hold outside, or to see blame an intervention in Libya that would have opened the Pandora’s box of ammunition depots left open after the intervention of NATO. A yet very visible phenomenon, which has spread through the streets of thousands of weapons, including anti-aircraft missiles.

USS Stennis

Ironically, on August 22, the same Panetta was mounted on board the USS John c. Stennis to harass its sailors at Bremerton, before their departure for the Middle East. The aircraft carrier returned from seven months of deployment in Afghanistan and Iraq. In January, the ship had been the hero of a surprising episode, with the release Iranian sailors from selected prisoners of pirates before the coasts of the Gulf of Oman! During his visit, Panetta is was excused from its sailors for quick redeployment to the Middle East evidence that the region already strongly worried administration Obama, contrary to what was then trying to believe his opposition. It was the Syria tension which concern then was the Secretary of State to the US defence: with the announcement of a “surveillance” of the chemical arsenal of Assad, extremely concern. Finally this month, the carrier was already sailing to the Pacific and was starting on October 7 in the Thai port of Ao Makham, after a passage Phuket, dating back to the area of tension between China and the Japan for the debate on the Chinese Diaoyu Islands (Senkaku to the Japan). In any case, so nothing that to look at its location on a map he could intervene in Libya (where the DC-3 of the Cia was already present, or mailed everything in Iraq…). Those that combine the opinion of Gallagher with a any intervention in Libya in the Benghazi attack are therefore of arrant liars, found coincidentally at the extremes of the Republican right, Ann Coulter way, this fool partisan Tea Party and his clique. And manipulators of opinion known.

Gallagher have walked in the footsteps of general Ham (here on the left in his first visit to Algeria), by criticizing the intervention in Libya or the attitude of Obama with respect to the events of Benghazi, or is it mired in a colour type sexual scandal, like the one that caused David Schnell, cfrigate Reasoner. Chief Commander, who appreciated much his young recruits them to share its layer. Or had as a Vice Admiral John “Boomer” Stufflebeem, it also discharged for bad conduct in the 1990s, that it had since become military assistant to George H.W. Bush in person: the man had been returned to the rank of “rear” Admiral at the same time (but had kept his legion d “honor French…”). It was he who informed the press yet during Operation Enduring Freedom in 2001 under the title of ‘ deputy director for global operations on the Joint Staff “. Steps too disappointed, he founded just after a crisis… management consulting company the business first and foremost!

For the second hypothesis, seems in any case set: ‘uñ responsible for marine who knows the circumstances of the inquiry said it was about allegations of “inappropriate leadership judgment” and stressed that it was not linked to the personal conduct’.Gallagher, the washed the behavioral suspicion, he was tempted by a more serious sense of revolt or mutiny? This is not the first time to tell the truth the suspicion of internal revolt appears in the USA: remember, the last time, it was on a basis of B – 52, Minot, where three atomic bombs appeared to be getting the trunk (or at least one, in any case). An unprecedented case: “I’m in the nuclear business since 1966 and I’ve never seen incident more disturbing”, was this day told the Washington Post the general Eugene Habiger, head of the Strategic Command from 1996 to 1998. There also two clutches, Michael w. Wynne, and General t. Michael Moseley had been transferred, by Dick Cheney, who tried to cover, it seems, his own coup d ‘ état attempt, or its own tortuous preparations. A Cheney who had previously relieved of another Admiral, William Fallon , that we can say today that it most certainly prevented a generalized conflagration in refusing to address the Iran as Bush had direct to. Action resolved and determined clearly explained in an article by Thomas Barnett, Esquire, published March 5 2008 A Cheney who would have desired, according to its memoiresn go bomb the alleged nuclear reactor in preparation in Syria, which would have explained the incident in Minot. “I again made the case for U.S. military action against the reactor”, explains Mr. Cheney in June 2007 at a meeting of the White House on the issue. ‘But I was the only voice. After you finish, the President asked, “what is someone here agree with the Vice President. “Not a single hand went up in the room.” In this case, the site was destroyed three months later by Israeli warplanes. “(London_independent_,_aout_26,_2011._)” Cheney had it prepared only this attack against the advice of its own military, the issue remains in effect. According to Tarpley, well abreast of the crooked shots, This is what had been tried.. (a staggering number of deaths by “accident” that followed dubious episode).

So a burning question remained after recovery in hands by Cheney. Had the purge that followed the revolt of Fallon it implemented hawks, to ensure a consensus more leaning towards the extreme right, within the military, what we would be the return of current staff of Admiral Gallagher? Not so sure, contrary to this misconception: in the US military, aside from a few examples, there is no desire to do battle with the Iran, nor that there were to bombard the Syria, this is confirmed with shine another high-ranking general the August 31, 2012. “When general Martin Dempsey told British reporters that he did not want to be”accomplices”of an Israeli attack against the Iran the United States, the buddies from Tel Aviv have been completely friendless.” It’s been weeks that Netanyahu and Cie told to who wanted to hear them that the United States had no choice but to be lead in another regional war in case the Israelis would attack Tehran: and this in an almost jubilant tone. In the absence of a clear response on the part of the White House, we had the impression that the Israelis had stuck us: the American giant seemed helpless in front of the skilled manipulation of the Israeli Pygmy. It was here that arrived for Dempsey whose declaration flew in brightness threatening Israeli blackmail – and threw panic into Netanyahu’s Government… […]” Note the Grand evening with its rather flowery language. ‘The declaration of Dempsey changed something’-‘ is the understatement of the year ‘, he added. A Dempsey who appears to have acted on his own, although some observers saw it as the hand of Obama, to defuse an inextricable situation. Obama remains a severely politician: his retraction of the bin Laden case will go down in history as a masterpiece of duplicity, only way to wipe off the map other duplicate.

Obama also faced a fringe lasts subistante within the army, as revealed the incredible case of Lt. Col. Matthew Dooley (below-right). The revelations about his case, while he was trainer of officers at the Joint Forces Staff College in Virginia (JFSC), and who taught to conduct a ‘total at Islamic war’ and use “tactics of Hiroshima” in his “Perspectives on Islam and Islamic Radicalism” was not to appease the idea of an extremist branch of right within the army. Suspended rather half-heartedly, initially, to the revelation of the contents of its courses in the press (through the testimony of a scandalized officer), man was promptly dismissed from army on request of the Joint Chiefs Chairman, general Martin Dempsey, who had said that the remarks were “unacceptable and were contrary to our values, and had nothing of academic”: Obama could not afford to keep such black sheep in his trainers. For two Republican congressmen, it was good yet U.S. Army who had allowed such a drifting, without intervening to try to modify (which would also explain why the Army chose as targets of civilians, in Afghanistan, or even madness kicks spinning at the massacre, as in Nissor) or take grievance to Matthew Dooley. There again, the hard-right Tea-Party had immediately jumped on the train of criticism, as the group Breitbart, of the name of a deceased right extremist last March, and holding television lounge or on the net. Had been right to beautiful flights, such as Clare M. Lopez, ex-CIA (but also member of Clarion Fund, pro-Israel group violently anti-islam – it was he who had distributed the DVD “Obsession” by the McCain campaign, and Daniel Pipes is one of its pillars), which had then said that ‘all members of the U.S. military Combatant Commands’ “, Services, the National Guard Bureau, and the Joint Chiefs are under the orders of the dictatorships of the Muslim brothers of Dempsey to make now, no courses US Army can never teach the truth about islam if the jihadist enemy finds it offensive (or simply gives too much information).”Observed, Islamophobia is also part of the U.S. Army, and Obama has to do with, as he has to deal with the Jews who make up the bulk of the Clarion Fund group.

Among the opponents of Obama, from fringe of the Tea Party movement and indeed also composed of former military, Navy Seals for some performs even a campaign very violent compared to the US president, comparable to the ignoble campaign “Swift Boat” which is was taken to John Kerry in ignominious terms at this time. Both groups share the attacks: the”Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund”, with head Scott Taylor, a former Seal critical raid of Abbottobad, or rather the fact that Obama to be seized during its election campaign, and which produces now a clip or an another ex-Seal, Ben Smith, accuses Obama of having used the word “I” to take responsibility for the death of Ben Laden and another group of opponents”Special Operations for America”, openly supporting Mitt Romney, which is run by ex Navy SEAL Ryan Zinke, a Senator from Montana who tried many times already to become Republican Governor without succeeding. In a recent interview, Barack Obama said that he did not have his guys too seriously “because one of these Special Ops OPSEC members, Maj. Gen.” Paul Vallely, now in retirement, is also a birther”, one who publicly already questioned Obama on his birth certificate, claimed false according to these conspiracy.” Obviously, the two movements have been lately the most virulent against Obama for its handling of the Benghazi attack, not hesitating to invent hoaxes, like that of a president sitting in his Office and ordering the US military not to intervene looking at filmed a drone attack. Gold if drone there was, indeed, it was was initiated at the end of the attack, and is arrived too late on site to do what whatsoever. And has in any case been in direct relationship with the White House. The CIA what has just revealed.

Gallagher, according to these conspiracy and others, would have taken the opposite path, and thus went much further, taking the helm of a mutinurie, an information widely in recent days by the Iran and alarmist information, that is not all, the editor of the Daily Kos, nor myself, persuaded and who instead remember similar events: “I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not sure what past” he said, “and I’m not looking to lend credit to a conspiracy theory.” However, I cannot not take into account article because it is difficult to accept that something so rare and potentially adversarial would be given a week before the presidential election. For the manufacture of discord. Comments on the MSM are really amazing, accusing Obama of all kinds of betrayals, malpractice and illegality. Such is the State of conservatism today. But what struck me was the following: “their task, to the seizure of power, is to facilitate a massive terrorist attack from inside the United States, perhaps by using a nuclear weapon fly, declare martial law, to move troops in Iraq and attack the Iran with the help of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States.” Extensive program, released straight conspiracy Hat! ‘ ‘Facilitating a massive terrorist attack from inside the United States’ as an excuse to declare martial law and start an illegal war? ” Does all this sound strangely familiar? If this is true, these men are ready to kill U.S. citizens to advance their own agendas. If this is true, men like these, or maybe even these men could have been involved in September 11. This would explain many things. “Just what to think”. Demonstration is held, to recall the fears expressed by the Cheney episode, but this seems unlikely to well after the prior periods of this same Cheney, is certainly not it either: it is well too phoned as words. Or so, the country is still more sick than I do can imagine. Or Gallagher, whose ship carried nuclear bombs, would have tried to resolve the Iranian problem. Unlike a Fallon?

What a so or say Gallagher? According to other theories conspiracy again, it would have been “returned for trying something on Benghazi”: the problem is that his aircraft carrier was so far from it already! September 11, 2012, it was in the Pacific, already above Phuket Island, more than 12,000 km of Benghazi! Still the wrong track (and a beautiful Libyan hoax responsible handling of the Tea Party!)! It then rather his lack of discernment in the direction of its own sailors, at the head of his big ship as a floating city that would have earned him his admonishments? Because the judgment of the ship on the island of Phuket had been l ‘ object apparently de libations noticed on the part of its crew: “5350 sailors from the aircraft carrier, nuclear-powered USS John c. Stennis and his ship of war that goes with it, the USS Mobile Bay, anchored off the coast of the island of Phuket, Thailand, during a visit of hobbies, assault the nightclubs and discos of the Thai island” ‘a famous seaside resort. The night entertainment places in Patong which have been invited to close at 2 am in the morning by a special letter from the US Navy Command. The carrier came from Borneo by the South China Sea. The main purpose of the visit by the carrier of Phuket is to allow the crew to rest and relax during their four-day stay. The crew will take a relay, with 1,500 to 2,000 marine going ashore each day. Estimated by U.S. officials of previous visits of carrying groups have put the amount of money spent by sailors to about the equivalent of one million dollars per day. The command of the Navy is rightly worried about the State of discipline and “breaks” by young sailors out of service attracted the crazy nights in discos and go-go bars. “This is an old story of young people who seek the joys of life with the brilliance of their uniforms” concluded the article. Visit the USS Peleliu on 23 October last had seemed more serious… a regular operation relations American public ; via the Local Rotary Club. No, remonstrated that have been made to Gallagher do not appear to have originated his crew and the behaviour of it.

No, Gallagher, without organizing or prepare as military coup would like to have us believe the usual conspiracy is simply one of those who had to have reservations too virulent on policy American in general, those of its current foreign policy. Egratignant passing the case of Benghazi and the alleged Obama wait, or the famous mails worn arms length before the media by supporters of Romney, ‘ target man being Barack Obama, as did awkwardly McCrystal. It wasn’t the time to do this, simply with an opposition that has jumped on the occasion to proclaim that they had left only mercenaries to defend contee attackers; as ever to say Ray Smith, the father of a missing for several days (itself former Marine wounded in Vietnam!) What delights, of course, the Romney clan and the Tea Party. Actually, after four years of an often reluctant power, the distrust of politics of Barack Obama appeared, for many, military as civilians, with an early withdrawal of troops to Iraq then Afghanistan which arranged not great thing but had the merit of cause of death side American. Some US generals, that’s for sure, now see a shameful withdrawal, a retreat without glory, and a second Vietnam, as it they had been yet predicted everywhere for decades (and by myself, here!), that they refuse to accept: dissension between political and military power are not new in the USA. This vague feeling of dissatisfaction and dead for nothing, shared also by France, and as also sharing Michael Yon, which I have told you many here both he was for years a job of fairly monumental freelance journalist, having discovered only many things (including the direct involvement of the ISI with the episode of “Pakistani sticks”, including): disillusionment prevails widely among many, screw Obama screw, as he tells us in one of his most recent tickets, bitter and disgusted, but so right, entitled “Obama has slipped in Afghanistan”:”This year, the losses have continued.” In March at Sangesar, three trained afghans turning their weapons against Americans, killing staff sergeant Jordan Bear of Denver, and the specialist Payton Jones of Marble Falls, Texas. Another soldier was wounded. It is the price to pay to appease Islamic narco-terrorists. I was in the area last year and previous years, and it was mostly on the fighting. Our young soldiers can be proud, and if you had seen them in action, you’d be amazed at their courage and professionalism. The disorder sticks us them into a national disgrace. We have received about half of the announced strategy for troops, and then began to go out with a period of domestic policy that has nothing to do with the war. The “Surge” (a military offensive organized by Petraeus to take over) was a complete loss of the accomplished effort up there. America has seen both the Obama president and Governor Romney support our strategy in Afghanistan during their last debate, where the forces of ISAF must train the Afghan army and police as a prelude to our disengagement in 2014. It is a biased strategy, with the Afghans that kill both of their trainers. At least 30% of the Afghan trainees must be replaced every year because of their desertion and endemic corruption. Afghans trained to replace the coalition forces, it does not work. As we descend in numbers, the enemy will be able to focus on fewer troops. Afghan units will collapse, and the corrupt Afghan politicians will finally take flight in Dubai. We must still reduce our losses and remove the major part of our strength. Even if Obama chose to go home, there is no guarantee that Romney will do better. If Romney is elected, he will need a larger tow truck. Was promised to have the same chance as that Obama received. “Nothing less, nothing more, the finding of Yon is bitter, but it’s one of the closest of the reality on the ground. Afghanistan is lost, it is necessary to resolve.

The final toll of the post-Bush American policy is there, and in Afghanistan, for example, it is deplorable as says Ahmad Ashraf, franco-afghan neurosurgeon : the Soviets were replaced by religious extremists who will soon sweep of democracy: “I do not believe that it was a mistake to have helped chase the Russians.” But it was a mistake to rely on religious fundamentalism to achieve these ends. This ‘strategy’ showed its devastating effects. Effects that are not limited to the borders of the (…) Afghanistan Chaos is already here. The Taliban are seen as undesirable by the majority of the Afghan population. The enemy number 1 of the Afghan population does not reduce individuals or a group of individuals but the consequences of a war that has led to chaos. Afghan society is now destroyed by corruption, drug trafficking, insecurity… “The Taliban and the Americans have their share of responsibility in this situation.” G.W.Bush intervention will be manufactured a narco-State in addition (it existed before, but the Taliban had originally reduce poppy production, before making such as the CIA, and as income for the war): terrible conclusion!

In Afghanistan, it is udo war for nothing, that ends, therefore, one, initiated by G.W.Bush (but whose roots date back to the era Reagan): “ago ‘a real risk that the Kabul regime collapses after the departure of NATO troops’ indeed, expected at the end of 2014, estimated Candace Rondeaux, analyst at ICG.” Police and Afghan army are “outdated and insufficiently prepared for the transition”, a “botched election and resulting uprisings could push them to the breaking point”. Everyone agrees therefore to conclude the same thing: personally, I do not give fifteen days after the departure of the Americans to see flee Karzai in Dubai, suitcases full of money, as many of his ministers have already done or of the members of his family clan!This, everyone knows. But this is not at all the time to claim it, on the eve of the US elections, where one of the two contenders, who had both want to get rid of Karzai, to the resolve to work with him (**), if he wanted the transition to military autonomy of the country make more or less correctly. It will never completely, the Government of Karzai will fall forward; but it also it is forbidden to say at this time, Admiral or not to say. ‘Ll talk it in again once the elected president. Or not at all, to what we are heading rather, IMHO, Romney loaded Word when the evocation in debate of American foreign policy. Whatever the candidate elected from across the Atlantic, the Afghanistan is already believed to be lost! Then, generals or admirals rushing sometimes in stretchers change nothing. But this is not the time to say, quite simply… at the time a current president is made present in the media asChief of bin Laden executor.

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