Occupy Wall Street Protesters: Against Financial Market:


Occupy Wall Street Protesters: Against Financial Market

Occupy Wall Street Protesters: Against Financial Market. Wall street demonstrations by occupy encounter good will in Washington. Obama considers entitled the “widespread frustration” of the financial system. The protest movement occupy, Wall Street has spread to other cities in the United States.

Occupy Wall Street Protesters

On Thursday, demonstrators in Washington, Philadelphia and Houston gathered to protest the unequal distribution of wealth. In the US capital, had a few hundred people “for hours Sung and chanted protest records“, writes a reporter of the New York Times. Quote of a participant of the action: “we have seen what has happened in Egypt and in Spain” occupy Wall Street was part of a worldwide protest movement.

President Barack Obama expressed understanding for the protests. The demonstrations are expression of the anger over the financial crisis, said Obama. “The protesters give how our financial system works, a voice a broader frustration,“. Still, some of the people, which would have triggered the financial crisis with her irresponsible behavior, would press against a stronger regulation.

Also a senior representative of the Federal Reserve fed called understand the motives of protest: “There are too many unemployed, the distribution of income is too uneven. We have a frustrated people, and I can understand your frustration.” said the Dallas Fed President Richard Fisher.

In New York, where the movement has its Center, chanting “We are 99 percent” the mostly young participants of protest. Thus, they played at the richest percent of the US population to which they feel deceived. The demonstrators carried posters with claims such as “Save our Republic” and “equality, democracy, revolution“. According to information from trade, 12,000 people took part in the demonstration, the police talked about 5000 participants.

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