Plutonium Discovered After Crisis:


Plutonium Discovered After Crisis

The land around the nuclear power plant in Fukushima-1 has been found toxic plutonium. Government of Japan recognizes what experts have long emerged: A crisis has occurred.

In the soil around the damaged nuclear Fukushima-1 have found traces of highly toxic plutonium. Reported by the Kyodo news agency. The extremely dangerous heavy metal was found in five sites. The operator of the power plant, according to Tepco the plutonium fuel rods came from the plant, by the strong earthquake on 11 March and the subsequent tsunami was seriously damaged.

Nuclear Crisis

“It was expected that after the debacle which has taken place, including plutonium in the environment,” says the physicist, Inge Schmitz-Feuerhake by the Society for Radiological Protection. data of which block the material is not immediately known. Soil samples, in which the plutonium has been proven by independent experts, the operator of the plant, TEPCO 21 and 22 as the beginning of March was – and just over a week old.

The dose is so low, but the human body is not dangerous, the company insisted that the news channel, according to NHK. “Plutonium is dangerous when inhaled,” said Schmitz-Feuerhake. Plutonium on the air in the lungs, may cause serious health problems. “Plutonium is an alpha emitter and can cause cancer and mutations. In the worst case, the element is dissolved and enters the bloodstream and is distributed in the body.” Plutonium in the soil is less directly harmful to humans. He added that through food, but also excreted. Plutonium has a half life of 24,000 years and decays very slowly.

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The Government of Japan has acknowledged that he had produced in the reactor 2 of nuclear fusion, as Monday was known. We believe, however, the process had stopped now, said spokesman Yukio Edan.

It is a belated recognition. After all experts suggest different in Germany, Sebastian Pflug, president of the Society for Radiation Protection, shortly after the first explosion is a crisis in motion. Provided the first evidence that elevated levels of particulate matter, such as iodine-131, launched by the intense heat. “From the outside can not see the entire operation of the reactor is destroyed”, Pflug said Times Online. But a collapse in blocks 1 to 4 is “as sure as the amen in church.”

have taken place when and to what extent the fusion core is not yet clear. Tepco himself had spoken in the early days also possible, even a “partial collapse” soon after, but was put out again.

Also at the weekend, the giant utility wrapped in messages. At first it was called by the operator, the concentration of radioactive material was in the water Jodpartikeln reactor 2 ten million times as high as usual. He retired Tepco his statement. A miscalculation or simply a formatting error in the table? Made a statement. In the corrected version of the value of the volatility of iodine-134 “below the limits.” He stated that the values of this fact about iodine isotopes can be inferred from the fact that now runs a chain reaction in the fuel elements. Iodine-134 has a short half-life of only 53 minutes and breaks down relatively quickly.

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