RIM: Rumors Do Not Take Seriously:


RIM: Rumors Do Not Take Seriously

RIM: Rumors do not take seriously. Do not take seriously the rumors that Research in Motion (RIM) is purchased. The probability this occurs soon are very thin.

The Internet is an extraordinary tool when the time comes to start and spread a rumor. RIM is the most recent example. A specialized blog thus published the news that Samsung would buy RIM, new recovery by news agencies. However, more reading in detail, we discover that the blog in question stated that RIM branch would attempt to sell the Samsung company, or a portion or to sell its software under license. Recognize that there is a world of difference between sign a licensing agreement and sell the entire company. News agencies have obviously relied on the most spectacular corner of the sale.

Samsung quickly denied the rumor, adding that it had no interest to RIM (as if it would disclose such interest publicly!). This has not prevented a press agency to return to the load quoting an anonymous source (of course) to an Asian company active in mobile telephony referring that RIM was an attractive option.

This is the media porridge without value, for many reasons. First, pretend that RIM, Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis, leaders are desperately looking for a buyer it is well know them. RIM situation is not desperate, seen from their point of view. Its financial situation is solid (a billion dollars in cash, debt-free) and it is evolving in a rapidly changing market. A single “hot” product may revive them and they are well aware.

In addition, are two dedicated to their company contractors who have always believed in the long term. There are long that they no longer work for the money. Pocket millions more for them is not a great source of motivation. In my view, a rumor that they privatize (to found the relative peace of the world private) would be more credible.

That many people ignore is that RIM has been, for most of its history, the secondary player in which few people have thought. The company has been popular virtually only a couple of years, before the status of neglected player. This is what should motivate its leaders, more than a sale of fire.

Finally, the title closed Wednesday down 1.6% near a hollow in a market rise about 1%. Decidedly, even the financiers do not take these rumors seriously.

The last word of the story is that the officers and employees of RIM do not need such distractions. Their efforts should be devoted entirely to meet the tough competition of the Apple of this world.

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