Riots in London: Malaysian Student Victims At Youtube Video:


Riots in London: Malaysian Student Victims At Youtube Video

Riots in London: Malaysian Student Victims At Youtube Video. Video of a Malaysian student, said from his hospital bed victims of a brutal attack and then he flight, which he was subjected in the streets of London during the riots, sparked a wave of revulsion over the attackers and compassion for the victim in Malaysia in England. In a statement, Scotland Yard confirmed the arrest of a man suspected of involvement in the theft. The suspect aged 20 years has been placed in custody.

Riots in London

When we see young people with 13 years, piller laughing when we see the image disgusting of a wounded young man surrounded by people who claim help him while they sumptuous, it is obvious that some things go wrong in our society” expressed the premier British David Cameron about the assault.

Monday, August 8, the young Malaysian Asyraf Haziq Rosli, 20 years, was attacked by a group while riding a bicycle in the streets of the British capital. The young man came to buy foods, before the breakdown of the young of ramadan in the evening. “There were young children, schoolchildren, in the group. They wore hoods and they clung to me,” he says in a video filmed by a friend, from his bed in a London hospital.

They were trying to take my mobile phone in the pocket of my sweater. They have knocked my bike, and when they did it, I hit the ground and I am wounded me in the jaw. There was blood,” he said in Malay, swollen face. Asyraf Haziq Rosli was operated of a fracture of the jaw Wednesday and he left the hospital Thursday morning.

View nearly 4 million times on YouTube, the video of the flight resulted in still more the disgust

It is subsequently filmed and view nearly 4 million times on YouTube, which caused even more the disgust: “These people fled, others approached by saying they wanted to help me, but in fact, those who were behind me took things in my backpack,” he added.

This video, become the symbol of the violence of the riots in Britain, aroused the indignation of Internet users. Volunteers have created a site, “” to “show him, as well as his country, that only a small minority of us are the bastards“. The site collects donations and ideas to help the young man. In the same way on the site of the United Kingdom students.
Same momentum of generosity and sadness on Twitter where messages of support accumulated by the hashtag: # getwellsoonashrafhaziq or # somethingniceforashraf and as a Facebook page.

Asked about his feelings for his attackers, the student replied: “I the plains.” It was really sad because among them there were children, it was very sad. It was very shocking. About 13,500 Malaysians studying in Britain, according to the British Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. Ignoring the concerns of his family who asked him to return to Malaysia, Asyraf Haziq Rosli said that he was not thinking to leave Britain and had completed his studies in accounting.

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