SOPA – PIPA: The US Congress Pushes The Vote:


SOPA – PIPA: The US Congress Pushes The Vote

SOPA – PIPA: The US Congress Pushes The Vote. At the end of a turbulent week, the votes provided for in the US Senate to draft legislation to strengthen the means granted to the fight against the illegal downloading were repelled. SOPA and PIPA are not abandoned, but pushed back, the time that a broader agreement is reached on both texts.

The head of the Democratic majority in the Senate announced Friday that the vote of the PIPA — Protect IP Act Bill, originally scheduled for Tuesday, January 24, would be postponed. “It did there no reason legitimate concerns raised by many around this text cannot be resolved”.

This partial decline, which must give time to the Congress to reach a broader consensus on the text, comes two days after the Organization of a demonstration of challenge of large scale world Web which including joined Google or Wikipedia.

The Texas Lamar Smith, author of the text SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act), has also announced the postponement of his project. “I heard the criticisms and I take very seriously the concerns related to the proposed Act to resolve the problem of online piracy, it is clear that we must revisit our approach as to how best to address the problem of foreign thieves who plunder and sell the products and inventions Americans“, he says.

Recall that these two texts, supported by music and movie industries offer to provide the US administration of means enabling it to act at the level of all actors involved in the chain of distribution of the content on the Internet for copyright infringement. On the basis that it is impossible to act against a site located outside American soil, they suggest for example to force the publishers site or search engines to block or de-index any link or any site leading to infringing content, without recourse to a judge. If the principle is followed to the letter, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or Wikipedia could be blocked in the United States if it was found that one of their users has published an illegal link.

The announcement Thursday, the closure of the Megaupload site following a raid coordinated by the FBI, likely contributed to give reasons for the postponement of the two texts, resulting in his batch of virulent attacks against the US administrations and relevant industries Web sites.

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