Southwest Returns 737-300s To Service As Type Keeps Flying:


Southwest Returns 737-300s To Service As Type Keeps Flying

We were surprised, 123 people came to the horror of what began in an East press a hole in the ceiling. Low cost airlines can examine their machines – but not the first such incident.

If an aircraft has increased only once in this altitude, passengers have long start dangerous. At 35,000 meters, 11,000 meters, is served slept, went to the bathroom. Statistically, almost never happens on the cruise exciting little concern.

Southwest wrecked

But what happened on Friday on board flight 812 of the U.S. airline low-cost Southwest, which has little to do.

A loud explosion startled the Southwest passengers in their rest in the afternoon. Shortly after causing a hole in the roof of the Boeing 737, the oxygen masks drop. Panic breaks out, people walk on their hands, many crying, witnesses later reported.

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But the pilots to react calmly and start the normal procedure, an emergency descent to 3,000 feet. Finally, the land of the damaged machine, which was traveling from Phoenix, Arizona Sacramento / California, safely at a military airfield in the desert. “We were surprised,” said the passenger, Debbie Downey from the row 16 later to CNN. “My husband and I could see blue sky through the hole, wires and cables. It was terrible.”

The crash of Flight 812, which is slightly past the 118 passengers and five crew members, now has a serious injury. South West over the weekend a “thorough investigation” announced and began to review all Boeing 737-300 79.

Air France Finds Bodies in Atlantic Crash Wreckage

Results of Monday morning: Three aircraft were discovered cracks in the outer layer, such as Robert Sumwalt, the Transportation Security Administration NTSB investigators said. Cracks must now be evaluated and repaired before the aircraft will be back in operation, said Southwest. Two thirds of the machines are still in the inspection, on Tuesday night, the airline will take place. The weekend so we had about 600 flights were canceled, will meet on Monday, was another 100

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