Taliban Attack On Kabul’s Government District:


Taliban Attack On Kabul’s Government District

Taliban Attack On Kabul’s Government District. Explosions and shots in Kabul: Taliban fighters have attacked the Government in the Afghan capital. Taliban fire with bazookas to the US Embassy and the ISAF headquarters. The Taliban have launched a large-scale attack in the Center of the Afghan capital, Kabul.

Taliban Attack On Kabul's Government District

Within a short time at least seven heavy explosions were heard, reported by Shoib Najafizada from REUTERS. A spokesman for the police said there were several armed attackers on Abdul Hak square. “Possibly suicide bombers are among them, but that is not yet clear at the moment.” A Western military officials said the ISAF troops in Kabul headquarters being attacked.

According to the Afghan Ministry of Interior, so far at least two attackers and a policeman were killed. A spokesman for the Ministry of health also reported a civilian deaths and 16 injuries. The streets in the area are closed off. The incident occurred near the US Embassy. According to police, missiles were shot down on the building of the US representative. A police officer reported, a group of at least seven attackers have entrenched themselves in a building under construction. From there, they fired with bazookas towards the US Embassy and of the ISAF headquarters. Are equipped with weapons, apparently very well, so far we could not beat them, so the policeman. Long-lasting shootings were heard in the background of the phone call. Around the building, land, there will be fierce fighting between security forces and the Taliban.

On the site of the US Embassy were snipers into position. Per speaker, all employees were asked to go to cover. Whether one of the fired RPGs has taken the area or even a building, was not too experienced in the chaos of the attack.

Taliban Attack On Kabul's Government District

Taliban attack with rocket launchers and explosives
Hours after the start of the attack were reported more explosions from other areas of Kabul, including a violent explosion in the western part of the city near a Police Academy. President Hamid Karzai appointed a meeting of his Security Council immediately because of the attack, it was said from the Presidential Palace. Witnesses said of combat helicopters, which now circled over Kabul.

The radical Moslem of Taliban is known to attack. You reported immediately after the beginning of the campaign for several foreign media. The speaker according to the insurgents had smuggled a large team of attackers in the city, the attack was directed against the Afghan Government, but also against the international occupation. “Our fighters are well equipped with rocket launchers, explosives and guns and will fight to the end“, tinged the speaker on the phone. The attack was a symbol that the Taliban in the capital could strike at any time.

School bus hit by Bazooka

School bus hit by Bazooka
So far, there is no reliable information on potential victims. Witnesses said to REUTERS, a school bus with students had been hit by one of the Panzers and burned out. How many of the students injured or killed, was initially unclear. “We ran for our lives from all directions shots and explosions came.” said the owner of a small store.

The Afghan Government told to all residents of the region with an announcement on television not to leave their homes and to remove from the Windows. Also, the Government officials in the ministries and departments were asked to entrench in their offices.

The district, such as the green zone in the Iraqi capital Baghdad secured by several rings of checkpoints and controls, is considered the heart of the Kabul Government and the Western institutions. Almost all international embassies are here, all by massive bastions and gates secured.

Security measures have been reinforced again and again, the German Embassy also looks like a fortress now. Despite the high walls around the campus, the Windows are bricked up in a slot, the entrance is covered with several rows of sandbags. In recent years, the Taliban through concerted attacks in the capital had drawn media attention again and again. Most recently in June 2011 managed a spectacular attack on the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul, there were many Afghan Governors from the different provinces at the time. The occupation of the hotel complex in the West of Kabul could be stopped only by the support of international troops.

Such an attack again raises the question for experts to what extent the Afghan security forces were able to control Kabul. The city was officially been passed to the Afghan police and the army in July 2011 – the step was regarded as a symbol of the transfer of security desired for the whole country by international forces on the Afghan people.

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