The Aircraff Attacks Increased Belligerence Gaddafis:


The Aircraff Attacks Increased Belligerence Gaddafis

Allied attacks have not stopped Gaddafi. Misrata attacks with tanks, one million Libyans who want to pass the weapons. And on television threatening the “crusader alliance“.

NATO Attack Libya

Libyan state television showing the gold-headed. She is the symbol of the palace of Muammar al-Gaddafis in Tripoli. In the recording, which crushed a U.S. warplane. With more than his voice threatens the despot of the “crusader alliance” Western “long and protracted war” on. “The whole nation is in arms, our victory is certain” tyrant calls his latest work, a short audio message. “We have no fear. Will not retreat from the battlefield, and protect our Earth and our dignity.” Governments in Paris, London and Washington, but would fall as “Hitler and Mussolini.”

During the early hours of allied air strikes against Libya, the regime had gathered his followers as human shields for the military base Gaddafis Bab al-Azizia and the civilian airport in Tripoli. This Sunday morning near the Libyan capital, an intense anti-aircraft fire and explosions were heard during the day was a tense silence.

In the evening, state television announced, a million Libyan published and weapons. In the harbor were armed, the crew of an Italian ship hostage. Meanwhile, Gaddafis tanks returned to the city 200 kilometers Misrata. Residents told the Arab news channel Al Jazeera, the city was under constant fire. Water and electricity are turned off for days, the snipers on the roofs of the regime are aimed at anything that moves.

24 hours earlier, French and British warplanes had bombed U.S. military installations and vehicles first all Libya. 110 cruise missiles were fired anti-aircraft batteries. bomber invisible to radar stealth attacked three most important military air base near Tripoli. 48 people were killed by Allied bombing and 150 were wounded, including many civilians, Libyan state television showed images of injured and hospitals. At the same time presented with the Arab states of Qatar and United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Sunday for the first time Arab nations aircraft combat ready for international military intervention, the largest in the Arab region since the war in Iraq in 2003 .

But Gaddafi on Saturday had tried to bring massive attacks against the population in Benghazi, the stronghold of the rebels in the last minute, even under its control. To bomb attacks ripped hours, artillery, and the exchange of fire in the western districts of the city. According to eyewitness reports Gaddafis tanks penetrated before in many residential areas, but after bitter street fighting forced back to the gates of the city.

Doctors at the hospital in Benghazi Jalaa reported at least 96 people died, hundreds were injured. Many houses and apartments were damaged by tank shells, outraged residents inspect the wreckage and cursed the dictator as “murderers” and “bloodthirsty tyrant.” The phone lines in the second largest city with 660.000 inhabitants of Libya also altered over the weekend.

Gaddafi is like a chicken
As a result of allied air strikes the center of the rebels on Sunday saw for the first time in over a relatively quiet day, while the rebels were preparing once again to advance to the city recently abandoned Ajdabija. Television footage showed several burned along the coast road wrecks of elite military units of Gaddafi who had been destroyed by French warplanes. Witnesses included a total of 14 tanks, twenty armored troop carriers, two trucks with rocket launchers and several all-terrain vehicles from which rose even hours after the fire or smoke.

At least 14 soldiers were killed during air strikes, including African mercenaries. “Gaddafi is like a chicken, ausrupft coalition and their sources, which can not fly,” said one of the advancing warriors. “The revolutionary but now cut off his head.”

Meanwhile, thousands of families fled in panic from Benghazi in the east. On the coast road, had miles of traffic jams and baggage cars and minibuses. The refugee agency UN aid (UNHCR) is prepared near the border with Egypt is a refugee center for up to 200,000 people. The refugees arrived earlier are very frightened and traumatized, some had lost their homes by bombs, said of the circles of the UNHCR.

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