The Winner Takes It All: Myspace Investors Want News Corp:


The Winner Takes It All: Myspace Investors Want News Corp

Myspace Investors Want News Corp

Only 100 million dollars is the Web veteran Myspace still worth it. Against the upstart Facebook, the website has no chance.

$ 100 million, more investors want News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch no longer pay its online platform, MySpace. This represents $ 1.66 for each of the 60 million MySpace users – or $ 33.33 for each of the three million bands that are registered in the social network, leading platform as a musician has long been a niche player. So pretty much cost as much as 30 songs in the download, or near to nothing, as Americans would say.

Six years ago, when Murdoch bought MySpace, he had forked out almost six times. But at that time saw the Web 2.0 just a little different: MySpace was in the U.S. as unassailable number one social network. This role has now been taken over the eternal rival Facebook: One in ten people living on earth is now Facebook member. The MySpace community despite the shrinking number of publishers money from year to year.

In fact, Facebook has overtaken its rival as recently as three years ago when it reported 150 million users for the first time, more members than the web veteran. Since then it goes downhill fast for Myspace, which lost again more than half of its users, and rapidly up for Facebook, which quadrupled its number of members.

As of today: Marc Zuckerberg social network facebook owner has ten times as many users as MySpace and is now 500 times as much value: The market will pay for a Facebook todays, 50 times as much as a Myspace. Can be dangerous to the new number one because most, the Chinese Internet company Tencent, which is in terms of market capitalization and number of members about the same and is now a potential buyer in the MySpace interview.

Shall confirm with the MySpace decline once more a paradigm of network theory: Think big, grow fast. After all, is only second behind the leader The winner takes it all Who will be displaced thus quickly – so investors are interested only been shown for the first, biggest, fastest. Bigpoint two U.S. financial investors took just a majority stake in German online gaming provider: Or just for those who might be there. They value the company at around $ 600 million – as much as Rupert Murdoch once put on the table for Myspace.

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