US Budget Dispute: US Rivals Decide Four Billion:


US Budget Dispute: US Rivals Decide Four Billion

U.S. State approaches

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Harry Reid State approaches government shutdown 2011: If Democrats and Republicans disagree on a matter of hours on a budget that threatens to put an end to many of the authorities – a blow to Barack Obama. Who are the opponents of the president, who is your partner? An overview.

Overflowing garbage cans. dirty streets. museums closed. That sounds a bit like a film recently by Roland Emmerich – but could just as on Friday, midnight, as in the U.S. capital Washington. As if Barack Obama does not agree with clock time 0 with their GOP opponents in a draft budget, jeopardizing Washington sealing, then freezing a portion of public spending. Nowhere in the U.S. would be as remarkable as in Bangkok: emergency money as anywhere else in the country, the administration can not be used because Washington is directly on the federal budget.

But outside the capital are threatening serious consequences: the soldiers receive their salaries late, the IRS can not issue a check, many of the administrative processes were lying on the ice.

The war on U.S. budget Obama among Democrats and Republicans will enter its crucial phase. It is an argument that requires a lot of the president. As tired as last, Obama has rarely seen. “Not exactly full of optimism,” he said late Thursday after another round of mediation has been without result. However, the child always sunny Obama wanted to share a positive message: “I think we’re a little more than yesterday. ”

There is considerable doubt.
Is it still so? When the volume reduction is difficult to treat, is only a few million dollars of difference. With a total of 3.7 trillion dollars is not really a big sum.

In fact, it is a test of strength: the resurgence of Republicans to challenge the president – and put some symbolic cuts, including funding for abortion and environmental protection. to weaken the popular Obama with a view to next year’s presidential election: his goal. He wants to stand again for re-election provided a strong artist. Many remember the years 1995 and 1996, when Republicans with then President Bill Clinton issued a similar game.

But it’s worth? Economists warn of damage to the U.S. economy and weak, also threatened to further loss of confidence in Washington. This should apply even if you have purchased through a one week extension of time issue.

The situation is the case: here Obama and Democrats in the Senate, Harry Reid, majority leader – on the other hand, John Boehner, the Republican chairman of the House. Boehner is supported mainly by Michelle Bachmann, the new star of the Tea Party.

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