Wikipedia Blackout Against SOPA – PIPA:


Wikipedia Blackout Against SOPA – PIPA

The English version of Wikipedia should be inaccessible blackout on Wednesday in protest against a US anti-piracy Bill SOPA – PIPA, which would impede the freedom of expression according to Jimmy Wales, one of the co-founders of Wikipedia. He warned as early as Monday on Twitter: “Student warning! Do your homework early.

Wikipedia Blackout

Wikipedia protesting bad law on Wednesday! Attention, students! Do your homework early. Wikipedia protests against a bad Act on Wednesday!. But rest assured: this political gesture will not concern the French version of the encyclopedia.

In question? Proposed legislation Stop Online Piracy Act — SOPA, filed in the House of representatives, and Protect Intellectual Property Act — PIPA, studied in the Senate, to combat the abuses of copyright on the Internet. Problem, according to Sue Gardner, Executive Director of the Wikipedia editor, these two laws “would seriously compromise the Internet free and open, including Wikipedia.

Of other giants of the web, eBay, Google, Twitter, Yahoo!, published mid-December an open letter to denounce the projects of the US Congress. According to these pioneers of the internet, the proposals in the study would give the US Government the power to censor internet using procedures similar to those used by China, the Malaysia or the Iran. It’s a rare move in the history of the Internet.

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