The Enigmatic Haze Between German And Gaddafi:


The Enigmatic Haze Between German And Gaddafi

German And Gaddafi

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A close associate of Libyan leader Gaddafi married a Germany. The opposition believes that the privileged regime of dictator – on the Internet that is covered with abusive attacks. Who is the woman? A search of clues.

The calls were full of horror: In the past, Twitter has a trailer of the Libyan opposition sober report on the fighting in North Africa. Reports from international media were collected, reports of successes and setbacks of the rebels gathered, photos, links to the insurgency.

A few days ago, suddenly became aggressive tone.
A German name appeared at the entrances, was further supported by other fans. Almost 24 hours are used hundreds of tweets “Ramelow Julia, wife of Ibrahim Mussa Gaddafi spokesman.”

She had “brought shame to Libya more” German Foreign Minister, Guido Westerwelle, not Libya in its mission – which remains one of the most harmless messages. Within hours, the blog address Ramelow link, and published an email purportedly deprived of her husband. The follower must Ramelow Internet to locate and “spread the word.”

As with many profiles of Twitter is to understand who is behind this action, the tweets are eliminated. But as the wife of a close-Qaddafi is used Ramelow of the Libyan opposition in the privileged of the regime of dictator. Journalists in Tripoli that have to do almost daily with Musa Ibrahim, brings messages of pre-cut Gaddafi.

A columnist in the “Malta Independent” opens the connection between the alleged German government and the President of the dictator Gaddafi and the New York Times blogger Robert Mackey accumulated details of the unknown. If this is true is difficult to verify. The layout is complicated: you are no longer under original management can function outside of its intended message Facebook profile. SPIEGEL ONLINE responded to requests for Ramelow not.

Hardliners loyal
Her husband is supposed hardliners loyal staff despot. While the regime away slowly at the beginning of the week for his hardline stance towards the opposition, Ibrahim Mussa further demonstrated the loyalty of iron. Foreign countries want to overthrow the ruler, said on Monday in Tripoli, and insisted that the reforms could be initiated by Gaddafi. “We can any political system, has the change: the Constitution, elections, all but the leader has to promote change ..”

In the case of the alleged arrest of Gadhafi troops, tortured and brutally raped Libyerin Iman al-Obeidi, from March 26 before the cameras in a hotel in Tripoli was towed by security guards, Ibrahim cool words: the woman was crazy drunk and a prostitute.

early life was fairly common Ibrahim: In the web site five years of age of a fundraising event in London is a blurry photo to see the show to him. With a bike ride on the Thames at that time should have raised money for an environmental organization. The image shows a young woman with long red curly Harren – according to legend, Julia Ramelow.

Who is the woman? The website refers to a certain Ramelow Julia. According to the German side went to Libya in 2008 with her husband, after both had spent more than a decade in the UK. His blog, entitled “Haderza – The events from small to a Western woman in Tripoli Times” (loosely translated: “A brief history of the experiences of a woman from the west of Tripoli”) was about life in the north country Africa.

“Raising the green flag”
Only when the revolution broke out in Arabic, is the blog-turned-politician, records the “Financial Times Germany.” “Go Go Egypt,” said Ramella, therefore, Feb. 6, when his overthrow the then Egyptian president Husni Mubarak wanted. “My respect for Egypt in the clouds.”

But less than two weeks, the revolt in his adopted home against Libya, Muammar al-Gaddafi swollen, supported his followers. Shortly after the first air strikes Ramelow international military alliance complained aloud, “New York Times” in a message on the growing number of civilian casualties. ” The Libyans are “up against a common enemy,” he wrote on 21 March – meant, but obviously not the dictator last Skeptics were now the “green flag” to sustain – the symbol of Gaddafi.

The assumption seems to exclude Gaddafi fan now, a few days or active links to nothing, only his alleged Flickr profile remains active. According to the British “Times”, currently residing with Ibrahim and her nine months in a five star hotel in Tripoli. The hunt is over, at least in Twitter – the last entry in his person the weekend.

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