Gaddafis Ukrainian Nurse: “Dad likes warm”:


Gaddafis Ukrainian Nurse: “Dad likes warm”

He was treated by a team of eastern European nurses in dealing with them the dictator Gaddafi of Libya was always careful. “Dad” I called the Ukrainians – rave about the silence of it.


images: ©AP/Halyna Kolotnytska

Oxana Balinskaja is a nurse. The Ukrainian government hospitals are underpaid. 800-1100 Hryvnia is the monthly wage in the capital Kiev, the equivalent of 70 to just under €100. Balinskaja almost three years ago has made contact with an agency that provides nurses lucrative jobs outside of Ukraine.

The mediator establishes the contact between the Ukrainian and a particularly rich client in the Middle East, whose weakness for nurses from Eastern Europe is well known: Muammar al-Gaddafi. A Western alliance is trying to force the dictator of Libya air strikes on the knees because of weapons goes against their adversaries and their own people as “rats” insulted.

Gaddafi Balinskaja affectionately called “Dad.”
In Tripoli, the Ukrainian, with other young women in the tent, Gaddafi has taken place, as now, the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda. There, the dictator took over the foundry, were in “non-view” and asked about women’s issues. Then he made his choice – and Balinskaja escaped poverty in Ukraine and stayed at his side.

Legends about Gaddafi and women around him. It can be said of women soldiers guard a bodyguard, called the “Amazon-Garde.”

For eight years, the dictator also another important nurse Ukraine is virtually indistinguishable from the page: Galina Kolotniska. His particular closeness to Gaddafi induced even U.S. diplomats a florid speculation about an intimate relationship Gaddafi on the “rich in Ukraine” to do.

The despot as close as anyone else
WikiLeaks published since the launch platform of thousands of U.S. embassy offices, everyone can look at the State Department guess the sex life of the dictator on the web. Since then fanned the “mad dog of the Middle East” (U.S. President Ronald Reagan), a breath of evil.

“Lies” call Oxana Balinskaja such reports. Medical Gaddafi harem had overseen the only decent despot health. “Galina eight years, worked at the hospital that was only the Gaddafi family. But she had the same responsibilities as all other nurses.” head nurse and confidante of Gaddafi had been a Serb, a woman named Draga, who had accompanied the revolutionary leader to “any mission.”

But Balinskaja can not deny that the Ukrainians to the despots came as close as anyone else. Ukrainian journalists to sell, Kolotniska take their return flight from Tripoli to Kiev in a tipsy state expressed hope that “this survey is reflected Pope.”

Oxana Balinskaja about the preferences of the family of the dictator. When traveling abroad, had always been installed in the furnace room Gaddafi, told “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, “Dad is a man of the desert, the heat is used to.” It is possible that the couscous, which will give notification of camel meat or lamb. Like all the Libyans, who also love Italian cuisine. – Especially the macaroni ”

The hope of a quick return to Gaddafi
State visits the revolutionary leader was obviously pleased with the burning environment. They were followed by “Daddy’s plane two planes, one with his clothes, and the other with his car,” says Balinskaja.

Even today, the Ukrainian raves about the care of the despot. Was entitled to cost Gaddafi nurses to walk in September 2009 by the New York boutiques, while the revolutionary leader, without regard to the General Assembly of the United Nations started the United Nations Charter.

“Those working for dad,” says Balinskaja, “and you can see the basis of the clocks.” Each year, on 1 September, the anniversary of Gadhafi took power in 1969, may God give all employees in the capital a gold watch made in Italy. His image adorns the dial.

Gaddafi says Oxana Balinskaja enjoys robust health and even put some in your pocket. “She expects a quick end to the war – and a quick return to service of the despot.

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