Obama: Israel-Palestinian Border Should Match The Treaty 1967:


Obama: Israel-Palestinian Border Should Match The Treaty 1967

Obama Israel-Palestinian Treaty 1967

It seethes democracy movement, civil war, repression – in the Middle East. This means hope and trepidation for the United States. Now, Obama ventures a first litter – a risky business. And caused a sensation.

President Barack Obama has long hesitated. What currently happens in the Middle East and North Africa, is to compare with the fall of the Berlin wall 20 years ago. The consequences of the democracy movement and the civil war in Libya are incalculable. But despite all the uncertainties of the President of the “number one world power” dares it take now first pegs. For Israel, this could be annoying.

At first glance, Obama’s credo is simple and American: hope makes the change, the era of the dictators is over, democracy is on the rise. “The moral force of non-violence by the population of the region has reached more change in six months as terrorists in decades.” But the problems start in the small print. Two months of civil war in Libya, Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad takes precedence despite warnings with all brutality against demonstrators – here, Obama fail simple formulas.

The tricky aspect: The stagnating peace process between Israelis and Palestinians. Obama s.l. vigorously from the Palestinians, that promote the recognition of their State in the UN. “Symbolic actions to isolate Israel, in the United Nations in September will create no independent State”. Then, he rails against Hamas, because it does not recognise Israel. But then is a phrase of Obama’s had not expected. Suddenly, he speaks of the borders of a future Palestine and Israel publicly “on the lines of 1967“, including the possible exchange of territories.

Leading US media, such as the “New York Times“, quickly agreed that Obama means the borders before the six-day war in June 1967 – although he has not specifically said that. A sensation, a taboo? It is less it is Obama’s intention to hit “up” on the side of the Palestinians. Rather, he would signal Israel only that the Government should finally move.

Hardly a coincidence is that Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu just for this Friday at the White House announced. As scientist should be spoken. For Netanyahu, the borders of 1967, as Israel in the six-day war large parts of Arab territory conquered, the “red line”, which should not be exceeded. It has long been an open secret that Obama and Netanyahu trust not on the way – further dispute seems bound to happen.

Then there is the “bin Laden factor” is. “Bin Laden was not a martyr.” Obama said “He was a mass murderer”, not without satisfaction in his voice. Government and Americans were almost victory drunk when the death of Al Qaeda terror Chief was announced. Obama will now come in the “bin Laden dividend”. He hopes that Al Qaeda is hard posted, that sympathizers issue, that the democracy movement at the same time means a defeat for Islamic fundamentalism.

Irony: just on the day of the Obama speech reports is also bin Laden to Word – so to speak “out of the grave”. In a tape with (alleged) statements he made before his death, the terror Chief tries to collect the “Arab spring” for themselves. “I think the wind of change will sweep away the entire Islamic world, God willing.”

Shortly before a meeting at the White House this Friday, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has expressed disappointed about recent peace proposals by President Barack Obama.

The Israeli head of Government said on Thursday evening before his departure to Washington, the establishment of a Palestinian State should be made not at the expense of the existence of Israel. The head of Government reminded in this context of a commitment by the US Government in 2004 after no withdrawal to the 1967 borders will be expected of Israel Obama. These borders were indefensible.

Netanyahu has also complained that Obama was not further mentioned in his speech on the Palestinian refugee problem. Without a solution to this problem outside Israel’s borders, territorial concessions could not end the conflict, it was said in the statement of the Prime Minister further. In addition, the Palestinians Israel should recognise a home of the Jewish people.

The speech of Obama was cool to negative recorded in Egypt. It was criticized mainly because their approach as inconsistent in terms of the various regimes of the region. “A disappointing speech”, cited the news channel Al Jazeera on its website Essam al-Erian, a leader of the Islamic Muslim Brotherhood. “America’s protective arm for dictatorial President in”

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