Apple iPad 2: Many Things Are Better, But The Cameras Are Crap:


Apple iPad 2: Many Things Are Better, But The Cameras Are Crap

Morning start in U.S., the sale of second Early tests iPad 2 were held in their hands. Their conclusion: Not much new, they are still enthusiastic.

Apple iPad 2

On Friday, Apple fans in the U.S. will be well again the snake: The sale begins iPad 2 seconds Is it worth spending so much money and so long to wait for it? Some American bloggers and testers of the technology were able to test the tablet now.

The lack of camera was considered a defect of the first generation iPad 2. The new version now contains two of them. Walter S. Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal writes on his personal blog technology, the camera was able to convince:

“The iPad 2 2 has some disadvantages. The camera takes mediocre pictures, how many megapixels exactly, Apple revealed either. The company says the camera is designed for video, not photos. In my tests were good videos, the HD video camera in the back were good. However, for a company known for its quality and its instrument also includes a photo program, the cameras are disappointing. ”

No one seems very excited about the two cameras. David Pogue, which relies on The New York Times writes about technology, the camera in the back has a resolution of only “0.7 megapixels.” Joshua Topolsky also satisfied by the technology blog Engadget. He thinks the cameras are “very bad”, “completely useless”, but it is insufficient.

Legal agreement between the testers were also at another point: the changes are mainly related to the hardware and often are only cosmetic. Frankly leaves most excited about how thin the device is and how well it would now be in hand.

And Jason Snell, author of the PC Magazine, could not make friends with the new form. “It feels as if the change of 3 again for the iPhone iPhone 4. (…) The ports are located on the side of the angle. A few times I really hard to do with it, the cables in the docking station get the second iPad 2 not hit the right angle, because I have confused these sloping sides. But the new surface, it wobbles less when putting it on a flat surface. ”

But Snell is excited about the speed: “You can really feel the speed when using everything will be smoother and softer than in the first run iPad 2 (…) Some of the speed boost you need the 3.4 iOS attributed After of … I’ve been playing 4.3 iOS iPad 2 to the first, was the fastest. However, iPad 2 two and a half is still good as fast as its predecessor. ”

Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal, however, expected more from the battery. “The battery does not last as long as I do from the first tray iPad 2 usual. In my test, it took me so run-length movies, until the battery was empty. iPad 2 2 only marginally overcame battery life, which indicates Apple . After ten hours and nine minutes, the battery was dead two hours are more than the Motorola creates Xoom in the same event, but an hour less than the iPad 2 first, which lasted eleven hours and 28 minutes. ”

Not according to the testers, were whether the new shell, called Smart Cover Apple, the benefit is. Jaroslovsky rich blasphemous Business Week on the new shell. “Be careful when buying the Smart top, which costs between $ 39 and $ 69 for the magnets is connected to the unit and turn it into sleep mode when it collapsed. iPad 2 Have a computer bag or simply car seat, that is enough to activate accidentally. ”

Blogger John Gruber is enthusiastic about the cover. He writes on his Daring Fireball. “I can not imagine that the owner is a iPad 2 who think they are happy with what they have when they see the new cover for the first time smart themselves, are their changes his mind and decides to buy a new one.”

Joshua Topolsky from Engadget have tested the sound. “Apple has moved the speakers on the back of the device, the sound seems clearer who is also quieter than the previous version can not really say if there is a substantial improvement..

Despite everything that has the Apple Tablet yet rival: “He likes the competition frustrating to hear that, but it must be said: The iPad 2 is not only the best pickup on the market, but also feels like if the only say. As much as we, the market power of Xoom Motorola Apple threatened, we find it difficult (if not impossible, too). Is iPad 2 the right product? Absolutely not. The cameras are faulty and the operating system still has problems, such as pop-up notifications. (…) But it is as good as can be now. And it is actually quite good. ”

Poque David views even though (like many others as well) lack of flash: New Android tablets can still watch videos and play Flash animations on the web, which, like Apple and Adobe us say, never in one or iPhone iPad 2 go (…) But you know what iPad 2 still dominate the market, as it dominates all the important criteria.? slimming, weight, beauty and applications available. ”

And if you buy now? MG Siegler, technology writer at TechCrunch thinks so: “If you do not have iPad 2 is the easiest thing in the world: they should buy, it has everything that was in the first major iPad 2, but better (…. ..) iPad 2 For owners, the situation is bleaker As I said, has everything you want in the iPad 2, only better (…) My advice. enters into an Apple store and do not play with the iPad 2 from a friend, or will be tempted to buy.”

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