Facebook: Behind Every Friends Puts An Ad:


Facebook: Behind Every Friends Puts An Ad

When friends become agents of retail: Facebook uses its members and makes their profile pages to billboards.

Facebook Ads

Who wants to delete your Facebook account to get, like digital farewell, to see the profile pictures of friends. Accompanying text: “Florian will miss you” or something .. One can recognize in the beginning Facenapping by machines. It’s like some sci-fi movies in which they hide behind the mask of the best foreign friends unpleasant. But what if the vision of the truth would come very close?

Earlier this year the U.S. announced Investment bank Goldman Sachs and the Russian investor Digital Sky Technologies want to pay $ 500 million one percent of the shares of Facebook. Since the world is wondering if a company with approximately 2,000 employees in 50 million dollars and could even be even more valuable, and where the revenue should justify these figures. Since Facebook will continue to increase quotas, essentially leaving only the advertisements.

Unfortunately, if the prices of advertising on Facebook to be lower than the usual standard on the internet. And the proportion of advertising in social networks on the entire Web advertising budget is modest. A major reason: Google is actively looking for things and so much more open to appropriate search results, even if they appear in the form of ads. Facebook is looking for real and also not necessarily in the form of banner advertising.

But a second reason, more important. Ads on social networks compete with more powerful opponents: the photo of the pregnant woman “friend” written on her belly with lipstick “18 Weeks” is, noting that several “friends” Our latest version has been reduced, status change in the relationship colleague “married”, “a” unique. Against such messages will be no advertising.

In a survey by market research company and Maass Fitton said that 94 percent of respondents are opposed to advertising. They felt that the shadow of a real and expresses concern about privacy. Online advertising appears, therefore, a balancing act: Customize enough to be able to attract specific groups, and blurry enough to not give users the sense of being spied on. But what if the basic problem of personalized advertising will not be customized, but “not enough staff”.

Facebook has clearly understood this and created an infrastructure that exceeds the limits of friendship and reconciliation of the economy. The Internet is the suspicion that behind the smooth handling issues due to a confusing infrastructure particularly pronounced. It is here, so friends are the ideal seller, and to trust them. Facebook is couples for friendship and trade together so that both areas clearly separated from one another and are stable and within each other at the time indistinguishable. The friends are still friends and are in a strange double standard while the agents of dealers.

The Facebook “friendship” to do with pre-modern notions of intimate relationships, sexual but not within a manageable group of people only in part. In the online friendship networks are “friends” also and above all to free speech, networking, reducing complexity. They represent a kind of network of personal correspondence, which provides information about regular, while personal information of color masses of Sun Internet filters that only the best jewelry to get to the wall. Facebook “friends” are personal news agency and search engine simultaneously.

Now the friendship network undergoes a transformation: Before our very eyes, but unnoticed so far largely successful, the additional features of a network of trade and transaction. Therefore, the outlines of a great economy of new friendships are visible. Its central element is not direct advertising, the companies on Facebook. It is rather a “in the power of family, Friends, founded in advertising.

Three years ago, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder stated, while the development of advertising would be as follows: Instead of sending messages, the company that it is “engagement announcements.” Members are encouraged to interact with the ads, leave comments, express preferences and put in an advertisement, click avalanche in motion.

The most important technical basis of friendship is like the economy “-me” button. It could be called a Trojan horse, caught site Facebook. The spread button at breakneck speed and provides a growing familiarity of the Internet. Once someone is registered on Facebook, and surfing the Internet, receive all equipped with the button or a “personal” because we are all familiar profile images of our respective “friends are.” Thus, previously published anonymously or tinted atmosphere – all the Internet is changing its character. And that’s just the first step: I like the “me” feature might speculate, as is the lapdog “buy”, a function about which the money can pay future claims of Facebook “equal dignity.

The active these days outside the U.S. immediate customization feature is even a step further: here, selected and trusted partner sites seems access to Facebook user data (if not specifically excluded in your setup) and can integrate into their own websites. Dom get sites like Yelp (restaurant tips) or Pandora (Music Reviews), a layer of company: we can in these recommendations or comments from friends or read, reply to this deposit, including comments and recommendations. This opens up possibilities for interesting advertising for Facebook, because outside of one’s social network, advertising and does not argue against a very powerful environment of friendship. Here you search and find things to customize the advertising less intrusive.

Besides this familiarity Facebook allows a web semanticization lighter. An Internet provider of plate can now – thanks to the “Open Chart” Protocol – he or marking, as specified by the content of a page is a music album, that fame is, is the singer Lady Gaga has appeared 2008th When a member of Facebook here as the “I” button, click on “understanding” Facebook is not just something, but the good thing is found here: an album of a particular singer. Is the link not only to the wall, but also in the user profile, in this case by virtue of their musical preferences. This preference is music not only appear briefly on the main page of your own friends, but is permanently placed in her own profile.

This is the version of Facebook, and sophistic is here, as always, in the omission: This album of music is not only an expression of my musical taste and my presentation in itself. Is the range of products from a supplier who is very particular. Facebook users mutate here to unpaid workers and often unaware of the Internet retailers.

From this global economy friendship was, ironically, has been an area left out: the banner ads. But this will change with the service recently announced “Sponsored Stories”. This is aimed at familiarizing the advertising banner for the interference of the recommendations of friends. User activities in the pages of selected partners for the flow of Facebook – visible only to the respective friends – in the banner ads with a.

The economy of friendship exposes the shortcomings of “personalized” advertising: it was personal, because it was not enough staff. One of the widest possible user customization corresponds to an advertiser not personal. This asymmetry had to be and appear threatening. Only if the advertiser as it appears personified as the product sold, if it looks like a friend, as you do, avoid suspicion. For Internet merchants, there is no better way for profile images.

As no other company has Facebook to in times of rapid change and insecurity as valuable resources accumulated symbolic friendship and trust, and built an infrastructure that merchants to personalize your sales page, access to pages of friends and the partial internal of the profile pages to show rooms of their products as possible. This face to face Book Shop: Spread distributors Friends confidence facades.

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